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4.5 stars for Lord Shallow by @eileen_put #regency #historicalromance #bookish #bookreview

Title: Lord Shallow

Author: Eileen Putman

Genre: Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Book Blurb:

To all of London, Sebastian Traherne is a pretentious fop who prizes his tailor over his dukedom. In truth, he’s an obsessively rational fellow protecting a secret marriage. When a prickly Welsh miss arrives at his crumbling castle one gloomy night, she upends his world—and every principle he holds dear. Worse, she believes in a silly fairy tale known as True Love.

Gwynna Owen might be the last true Princess of Wales, but she needs this very English duke to claim her legacy and vanquish a tyrant. When Sebastian quickly sees through her boy’s disguise, she must plead her case with only a rusty dagger—and sapphire eyes that conjure what he most wishes to avoid.

Maitland's Rogues series features daring English lords who risk all for their country. Hardened and deadly, they have no use for love—until it ensnares them…

My Review:

Gwynna Owen is the last true Princess of Wales and she must plea her plight to English Duke Sebastian Traherne to claim her legacy and defeat an oppressor. When he sees through her boyish disguise, she must convince him to help her. He reluctantly agrees and so begins a journey neither Gwynna nor Sebastian are prepared for. Gwynna soon learns of Sebastian's secret marriage and her heart crumbles. Can she cast her love aside or will she fight for true love and life with Sebastian?

Lord Shallow is so much more than a historical romance, it's about one woman's claim to the Welsh crown and a secretly married man who falls in love with a princess. Normally, I don't read books where the hero or heroine is married and cheats on his/her partner. I find it appalling. So, I had a choice when reading Lord Shallow. I could cast it aside as a romance dealing with infidelity or I could see put that part aside and focus on the other parts of the story. I chose the latter because it is truly a fascinating read. The Welch history and folklore as well as the other characters make this a five-star read. The plot starts off slow and a little confusing but once it gets going, everything falls into place. I really enjoyed Gwynna and her struggles. She's a feisty heroine and one I root for. The treachery and intrigue propel the plot and made for a suspenseful read. If you don't mind cheating in your romance, you'll love Lord Shallow. If you're a fan of historical fiction with romantic elements, you'll love Lord Shallow.

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

Eileen Putman is the author of a dozen British historical and Regency romances. Her love of England's Regency period (1811-1820) has inspired her research trips to England, Ireland, Wales, France and other countries -- there being no substitute for stepping on the soil that Beau Brummell and his champagne-polished Hessians once trod.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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