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5 stars for Lover's Leap by @AuthorKeyes and @WildRosePress #romance #booksale #bookreview

Title: Lover’s Leap

Author: Kimberly Keyes

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

After finding her fiancé in bed with another woman, Candace, a twenty-something, up-and-coming romance novelist takes off for a friend’s vacation home in Tahoe. The good news? She’ll share the place with fellow house guest, Logan, her best friend Eric’s lover. Except...

Logan, the nearly-irresistible-to-women photographer, isn’t Eric’s lover. Not now, not ever. He’s in Tahoe licking his own personal wounds, and before he’s allowed near Candace, he’s sworn off of her. No problem. Except...

There’s something about Candace. She’s not simply beautiful and enticingly off-limits. It’s in the way she doesn’t flirt with him. In the way she treats him like he isn’t a shallow pleasure-seeker. In the way, somehow, she brings peace to his world-weary soul.

Too bad she thinks he’s gay. But even if he can clear that hurdle, can he really entrust Candace’s heart to his own haphazard keeping?

My Review:

Romance novelist Candace is under a deadline when she discovers her fiancé in bed with another woman. Stunned doesn't begin to describe how she feels. Her agent, Eric, swoops in to save the day by offering her his vacation home in Lake Tahoe. The only catch is that she needs to share the home with Eric's 'special friend', Logan. Candace assumes Logan is Eric's latest lover and heartily agrees. She's attracted to him instantly and this confuses her to no end. The more time they spend together, the more Candace is drawn to him, no matter that he's totally off-limits. When he reveals he is in fact not gay, can she entrust her heart to him and take the leap to love?

Lover's Leap is a romance between two scarred souls which takes place in Lake Tahoe. Candace and Logan hit it off right away. End of story, right? Nope, with Candace assuming Logan is gay brings a fun romantic comedy sub-plot I loved. The plot is nice and easy with plenty of fun dialogue. The characters are flawed with past hurts to overcome. Trust is a big obstacle these two need to overcome. The writing flows so well, there were times I forgot I was reading fiction. I felt like another character in the story. This is my first book by Kimberly Keyes and it won't be my last. Her writing strengths lie in the uncanny ability to weave a captivating story. I can't wait to read more from her. Curl up to this romance and escape to Lake Tahoe. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it Now:

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Author Biography:

Kimberly Keyes knew before she was old enough to drive, writing romance was her passion. Once she started typing, she never looked back.

Kimberly writes single title contemporary and Victorian era historical romance, the steamy variety. She’s in her happy place working on two books in the two different genres, simultaneously. Kimberly's romances feature compelling characters, scintillating sensuality, and of course that happily-ever-after romance readers crave.

Most days you’ll find her writing, and re-writing, plotting, and dreaming up ways to perplex the characters living inside her head.

She lives in sunny Florida with her faithful companions—Pappillon, a twenty pound rescue puppy from Puerto Rico who looks like she could be from Who-ville, and Roxanne, a fluffy bit of dachshund wonderfulness she inherited from her mom. The two are constantly by her side offering love and encouragement, and occasionally demanding chewies.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

1 commentaire

Kimberly Keyes
Kimberly Keyes
09 nov. 2020

Thank you for this thoughtful review :-) As an author, knowing someone truly "gets" your work and appreciates your writing is the most wonderful gift!

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