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N. N. Light's Book Heaven presents Margot Johnson #authorspotlight #romance #mustread #canadianauthor

I grew up in a family of writers and have always loved books and writing.


Creating stories people love has been my lifelong dream. Now I’m the author of the romances Love Takes Flight, Love Leads the Way, and my new release, Some Other Way. I have also authored the Merilee Tours novella series, Let it Snowball, Let it Melt, and Let it Simmer.


Before turning my focus to the fun writing life, I held leadership roles in human resources and communications. When not writing, I loves to connect with family and friends, volunteer with SK Writers’ Guild, and walk at least 10,000 steps a day (except when it’s minus 40 outside!)  I live in the Canadian prairies with my husband.


I’m excited to introduce my sixth book, Some Other Way!


Some Other Way explores themes of motherhood, second chances, and competition. I know a young woman who gave up a baby in a private, open adoption, and she has remained involved in her child’s life in a surrogate-aunt type of relationship. Hearing about that experience was the seed of an idea that grew into Some Other Way.


While the plots differ, all my books have a few things in common.


·       Determined women who chase their dreams and find love along the way.

·       Characters who tend to love dogs, especially golden retrievers (which happen to be my favorite.)

·       Happy endings—because who doesn’t want everything to work out okay in the end (even when it seems impossible)?

·       Speaking of happy, I’ve started posting about all kinds of happy things because in real life, we can all use more good news, happy thoughts and amusing anecdotes to make us smile. I’d love to hear your additions. Dog photos are always welcome too!

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A few fun facts inside and outside my writing life:


·       I was a figure skating coach and I have an upcoming novel set around a small-town skating rink.

·       My first job after graduating with an English degree was writing ad copy at a radio station. That’s where I learned to write under pressure.

·       My books are set close to home in some real and some imagined locations. I’m proud to be from the Canadian prairies and like to give others a glimpse of this part of the world.

·       I currently serve on the Board of Directors of Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, and I’m happy to help support SK authors.

·       I love dogs (especially golden retrievers) and so do many of my characters. My dream job is running a doggy hotel, but I think I’ll stick to writing.

·       I almost won a car on the TV game show “Let’s Make a Deal.”

·       I walked a half marathon in just over three hours.

·       My dad was a journalist, author, and editor, and he instilled my love of reading and writing. I hope he would be proud of my work, even if romance wasn’t his genre.

·       My sister Donna Gartshore is also a writer. She writes for the Harlequin Love Inspired line.

·       When people ask me for writing advice, I say, “Just do it!” Get your words on paper. You can always fix them later.


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Title: Some Other Way

Author: Margot Johnson

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Maybe what she wants is not what she needs


Jayne Jones is not as plain as her mother makes her feel. Her life is full as surrogate aunt to her birth daughter, given up in open adoption five years ago, and as leader of the Adopt-a-Dog service. 


More than anything, Jayne wants to expand the overcrowded dog shelter on a coveted piece of adjacent land.  When Dr. Evan Scott, her high school crush, returns to his hometown to enlarge the local medical clinic on the very same property, he complicates everything. 


Now her formidable opponent, Evan is ready to forget past hurts and embrace a fresh start with the cute girl—now attractive woman—he remembers. But should Jayne bare her heart to the good-looking newcomer? And will her open secret change his mind?




Within seconds, the bleachers cleared, and Jayne found herself seated alone until Evan slid in beside her. Straightening, she stared at the dwindling fire. Now what? She contained a shiver.


“Might as well avoid the rush.” Evan rubbed his gloved hands together. “Feels like winter’s coming.”


“I agree.” The weather was a safe topic. If she avoided anything too personal, she’d feel more comfortable. But she couldn’t delay forever. She should tell Evan about Cara. Maybe someone had already whispered the details. She could let the rumor mill do its work, but that approach just didn’t seem right. He continued to seek her company. She needed to own her mistake and her decision, and she wanted him to know exactly who he pursued.


“Evan…” Jayne squinted at the embers glowing through white ashes and blackened wood. She folded her arms. “I need to tell you something…”


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Author Biography


Margot grew up in a family of writers and has always loved books and writing


Creating stories people love has been her lifelong dream. Now she’s the author of the romances Love Takes Flight, Love Leads the Way, and her new release, Some Other Way. She has also authored the Merilee Tours novella series, Let it Snowball, Let it Melt, and Let it Simmer.


Before turning her focus to the fun writing life, Margot held leadership roles in human resources and communications. When not writing, she loves to connect with family and friends, volunteer with SK Writers’ Guild, and walk at least 10,000 steps a day (except when it’s minus 40 outside!)  She lives in the Canadian prairies with her husband.


Social Media Links



Facebook: MargotJohnsonAuthor  

Twitter: @AuthorMargot


Title: Let it Snowball; Let it Melt; Let it Simmer


A romantic trio of novellas about holiday-themed bus tours…like “The Love Boat” on wheels!


Author: Margot Johnson

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Title: Let it Snowball




Christmas tours brim with lights, cookies, and…unexpected romance?


Divorced, empty nester Merilee is on a roll. Filled with scrumptious cookies and old-fashioned fun, her Christmas bus tours aim to add festive spirit to her hometown and new meaning to her lackluster life. Too bad her reserved driver slams the brakes on fun.

Widowed farmer Ross needs a little joy to combat his December blues. Behind the wheel, he wears a Santa suit but can't muster a convincing ho-ho-ho. Too many memories block his road to happiness…until irrepressible Merilee sparks a snowstorm of unexpected feelings.

In two weeks of holiday tours, Ross might drive Merilee crazy…or will romance snowball inside their lonely hearts?




After a short drive, the busload arrived at their first stop. “You’re in for a treat.” Merilee leapt up, leaned over, and gave directions on where to park. Absorbing Ross’s delicious scent, clean like snow infused with a trace of peppermint, she jerked back and steadied her breath. Sudden, shocking warmth flooded her insides. Now where was she?  She paused to gather her wayward thoughts.


“These rules apply for each stop so we can all enjoy the goodies inside and still keep the tour on schedule. You are free to choose from several platters of cookies. If you would like to sample other kinds or take some home, you can purchase as many as you’d like. We’ll stay for thirty minutes, and then I’ll jingle.” She demonstrated with a string of bells. “Last one back on the bus has to tell a joke or lead a song. If you agree, shout snowball.” 


“Snowball.” In a chorus of voices, the group hollered back the right answer.


She lowered the mic. “What about you, Santa?”


He shifted the gear into Park. “Nobody’s going anywhere without me.” He straightened his hat and quirked a fluffy eyebrow.


She smiled, folded her arms, and tapped a foot. Her boots were pretty eye-catching covered in green and red toppers with bells on the toes. Maybe she could cajole him into some good-natured joking. “Santa, you know what happens to kids who don’t behave. You don’t want to end up on the Naughty List, do you?”


Title: Let it Melt




What’s a Sweetheart Tour without someone to love?


How on earth did Jill, a single divorcee, land on a romantic Valentine's Sweetheart Tour for couples? Worse, she’s paired with Jack, her daughter’s brash father-in-law, and everyone thinks he’s her valentine. Stranded in a Canadian prairie blizzard, how soon can she kiss this awkward evening goodbye?

Long divorced, Jack would love to charm Jill with his toned body and dynamic personality, but his wisecracks and obsession with fitness get in the way—especially when he nabs a post at the same school where she teaches.

Even the most romantic month of the year can’t melt their differences and sweeten Jill's feelings….or can it?




 “Not bad. You skate almost as well as me.” Throwing a grin over his shoulder, Jack zigzagged ahead then skidded to a stop and sent a fluffy shower of snow off his blades.


“And you’re almost as modest as me.” Jill lengthened her stride and passed him. “Just wait until you really see me in action.” His chuckle drifted through the frosty, evening air. The cool temperature contrasted with the warm glow in her chest…lit by…could Jack really be responsible?


Her heartrate dipped and sped like it wore its own pair of skates. Sometimes Jack acted overly confident and even conceited about his appearance and fitness, but underneath his cocky comments and know-it-all expression, she sensed uncertainty. He should quit trying so hard to prove his worth. Already, he was plenty good enough.


Laughing and breathing in quick bursts, Jill accelerated and glanced over her shoulder in time to see Jack leap forward, lose his balance, and land on his side. “Nice splat. Are you hurt?” She jammed in a toe pick, stopped, and spun backward. His crumpled expression disappeared behind a grin. In the shimmering light, she couldn’t tell whether his eyes reflected humor or embarrassment.


“You swept me off my feet.” Jack bounced up and brushed ice shavings off his pants.


“I have that effect on men.” She laughed and trusted the dim lighting to cover her blush. Why did she say something flirtatious that wasn’t even true? Around Jack, she was a woman she didn’t recognize.


Title: Let it Simmer




He crashed her holiday…but will he break her heart?


A sensible, mature widow like Susan doesn’t belong on a tour bus seated next to her high school crush. Thirty years later, Phil is as charming and handsome as ever, but she doesn’t need a new partner, especially not a love-’em-and-leave-’em guy.

Happily single, Phil tags along to celebrate his matchmaking mom’s eightieth birthday. She’s embarrassingly persistent, but maybe she’s right he should, finally, settle down with the right woman.

Susan only wants a little family time with her two cousins and a scenic vacation to Northern Saskatchewan…so why does she feel like a fluttery teenage girl? Can Phil spark even more excitement than games, scenery, and wildlife?




Phil swam to greet her. “You didn’t dunk your head.”


“I like to keep my head above water.” She smiled and tilted into a side stroke, but with a huge, open lake in every direction, why did she choose to drift so close? Next to the shade of the water, his eyes glinted azure, and with droplets of moisture sprinkled over his face, he glistened youthful, refreshed…and more handsome than ever.


Slowing, he flipped upright and faced her just a few feet away.


She treaded in place and watched him float closer and sweep his gaze over her face and shoulders. Her body tingled, and she imagined the touch of his warm, gentle lips. Without a doubt, he wanted to kiss her…but was now too soon for a romantic interlude? She hadn’t kissed a man in eight, long years, and she’d only become reacquainted with Phil mere days ago.


She hardly knew the man, except she felt this deep, unexplained connection. The holiday freed and unburdened her—like a woman who deserved a new kind of happiness. Should she allow a kiss? Could she?


She closed her eyes, parted her lips, and…tasted a faceful of musty water. Sputtering, she snapped open her eyes, spewed it into the lake, and wiped her drenched face. What just happened?


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Title: Love Takes Flight

Author: Margot Johnson

Genre: Contemporary romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb:


After the devastating loss of her husband, Erin Humphrey is rebuilding her life. She runs the Canine Corner dog kennel in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Then a prairie blizzard strikes just as Erin's family arrives for the weekend, followed by a handsome but difficult client, Drew Dixon.


A daring jet pilot, Drew is a magnet for Erin's young son Noah, upsetting Erin who is terrified of flying. Drew is at a crossroads because of a career-threatening mistake.


Despite an icy start, the couple warm to each other, sparking an undeniable attraction. But will their secret fears keep Erin and Drew's love from soaring?




“I’m sorry.” Drew exhaled in a shaky whoosh. He swung his arms harder and higher. “You’ve lived through a rough time.”


“Now, we’re fine.” She trudged in silence for a few paces and then changed the subject. “If the forecast is right, this time tomorrow, you can leave.”


“Yep, with any luck at all, I’ll soon wave goodbye.” He smacked together his fists.


She clenched her jaw and crunched along with surprising compassion for his situation. “Don’t worry. So far, we’ve coped. We’ll make the best of the situation.” Still, confusion tempted her to shout words she couldn’t say. Stay away from Noah. Why do you have to be a pilot? Quit being so nice because I want to hate you.


Nearing the house, Drew cleared his throat. “Anyway, thanks for letting me join you for some fresh air and exercise.”


“No problem.” Maybe she actually meant it. She wrinkled her forehead and shivered.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Apr 15

Thank you, Margot, for sharing your writing journey and books with us!

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