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5+ stars for Moon Gate by Susan Mountford #yalit #fantasy #bookish #bookreview

Title: Moon Gate

Author: Susan Mountford

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Fourteen-year-old Alice’s life changes forever after inheriting Briar Cottage and a magical bracelet from her great aunt. She discovers she is the daughter-heir, last of a long line of ‘charmed’ women in her family, stretching back to pre-history and descended from faery, who must protect humanity from the return, through the Moon Gate, of the Horned King.

However, first, she must rescue her friend, Rhys, from the clutches of Berethast, a powerful faery adversary, who hopes to force her to choose between saving the life of her friend or protecting humankind.

Alice needs the help of other creatures of magic, some unwilling, to aid her struggle against the Lady of the Forest. Only with their help does she stand a chance to save Rhys, enter the Moon Gate to stop the Horned King’s return and fulfill her destiny as the chosen daughter-heir.

My Review:

I am certain many people have been looking for the same grab that came when first discovering Harry was a young magician. Enter the story of Alice and prepare to be caught up in this incredible story. Alice has magical ability while still being just a human teenage girl. Open Moon Gate and you are taken into the world of nature and magic.

Perfect for this part of the 21st century, where the concern has to be the welfare of this planet. Alice has to deal with finding out she is a guardian when all she wanted to do was go to the mall. Moon Gate is filled with so many fun and creative characters that there is one for everyone to love.

My personal fave is Fiorell but I am sure many will love Kellyn, too. The character of Alice is so approachable. It is easy for a young teen to put themselves in her place as she faces the seemingly unbelievable. The overarching theme - that man may yet learn to not destroy the planet - is almost poetically sad and true.

A book for every YA reader. Moon Gate brings adventure, magic, thrills, mystery, danger, and joy. Something for every reader. If you are looking for the next great adventure book, this is it. If you are (or were) addicted to the life of young 'arry, you will love Alice.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Susan Mountford graduated from Warwick University in 1982 with a B Ed in History and English. She has worked as a History and English teacher in secondary and post-16 education ever since. She has three grown-up children and lives in Solihull with her husband, Mark, and two dogs, Lily and Loki.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

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Unknown member
Feb 16, 2021

An enticing review!

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