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I can remember sitting in front of my computer. Pen and paper in hand. Scribbling some notes and eventually paragraphs. Turning into three pages of more paragraphs. Glancing over at my computer. I laughed at myself. Realizing that the computer would be more efficient. The process of documenting my story. Would turn out to be quite a learning curve. For the computer illiterate bike builder from Alberta, Canada. And there it was. Right in front of me! The incarnation of my first book. MY LIFE MY STORY MY JOURNEY & A TALL TALE.

I had always had a spiritual nature. And had been curious about the universe and all its fascination and intrigue. That many had no time to contemplate. But this time in my life had come to a crossroads. Deciding to take the path less traveled. So, setting my sights on the unknown. I grabbed my crook. And my pilgrimage began.

I had always been accustomed to solitude. Becoming a way of life for me, I had become content with the isolation from society. For the most part. And began my search for self. Taking me in every direction imaginable. Books, social media pages, psychics, tarot cards readers, etc. My decision to take the path less traveled had turned out to be the right choice. Intuition telling me to continue. So, I did.

Learning that eastern philosophies were anchored heavily in spirituality. I became emersed in teachings of the eastern world. Adopting practices into my daily life. Which brought me more peace. Grounding me more to mother earth. Was giving me a different perspective on what was around me. Enlightening me on the tapestry of the bigger pitcher.

This painted a whole different picture. To what I had been taught by my parents, teachers, and western society as I grew up. Being led in this new direction or should I say guided. Was really resonating with me. So, I continued. And became aware of my consciousness. Enabling me to focus in on the tapestry of the bigger pitcher. Knowing that everyone had a part to play. And the tapestry was not yet complete.

Through my search for self. I had discovered that I had become programmed to be like everyone else. And follow a certain criteria. Laid out before everyone as a generic template to follow. Throughout our lives. Deciding to deprogram as much as possible. I found myself transforming into my authentic self. Shifting my consciousness to a new awareness. I was finding harmony with peace within the chaotic world in which I lived.

Scroll down to read more about R.B.K.’s multi-award-winning book. His latest award comes from the Canada Book Awards.


Author R.B.K.

Genre Nonfiction

Publisher TELLWELL

Book Blurb –

An authentic spiritual memoir with an interwoven love story. Raw and real. An award-winning book that will be with you long after you close its pages.


Twenty nineteen was the year my pilgrimage would start. But in hindsight, it had started so long ago. The day of my birth. To be exact. A life’s preparation. Preparing me for one fated day in April of 2019.

I was just a man like any other. Father, son, friend, cousin, co-worker. And possibly your neighbour? Just another man. Living my routine life within the constructs of modern society. Conducting myself with dignity and self-respect. A respected member of society.

Then on that fated day in April. Theresa walked into my life. Changing it forever. Beckoning me to choose what path to take. Holding her hand out in invitation.

I hope that my book will inspire the reader to embrace their own spirituality. Awareness of consciousness is for all who seek it. Embrace it and follow it. It will set you free.

Written with my heart on my sleeve. Authentic, Raw and real.


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R.B.K. is an indie author. Residing in Alberta Canada who continues to document his pilgrimage daily. Down to earth could be used to describe his demeanor. A custom motorcycle builder who enjoys the freedom of two wheels. Travels his path unencumbered from any of society's constructs. Deprograming himself daily from generic society. Searching for self. His journey continues.

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