My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale by @iksworisok is a Best Books of 2020 pick #nonfiction

Title My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale

Author R B K

Genre Nonfiction - Spiritual - Memoir - Autobiography

Publisher Tellwell

Book Blurb

A man's spiritual awakening to the reality of the twin flame phenomena.

Dark Night Of The Soul, Spirituality, Ascension. These were all new concepts to KR. A whole new world had opened up to him. Willing to explore this new world, KR embraced the future with an open mind. And then there was Theresa, the catalyst that awakened him, sending him on a quest for answers that led him to a juncture of two paths, where anything could be manifested. Remembering her last words: "I'll see you soon."


With persistence, I wrote and typed. Being awakened after centuries of incarnations can be agonizing and filled with torment. Not for the lighthearted by any means. There is no turning back once the ascension has started. You must confront and accept the challenge placed in front of you. Of course, you could just stop dead in your tracks and languish within your ascension, but what good would that do?

After my ascension started, I had to investigate this phenomenon. I was intrigued and fascinated at the same time. And always knowing that there was more than what the world would admit. Confronted my fears and sailed into an unknown realm. Knowing all along that my soul was in the crows’ nest.

My brief introduction into the astral realms years before would establish a starting point, where I was able to start my puzzle and gather information for the book. I had perceived it all firsthand not letting the ink dry, putting it to paper forthwith.

Nearing the end of December twenty twenty was on the horizon and New Year's eve had crossed my mind. Finishing the book was imperative.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

I was guided to write and share my story with the world. It has been an important and rewarding part of my life. Hoping that my book will inspire all who read it. To follow their hearts and acknowledge their soul’s evolution. And to embrace the love story written within its pages. That has endured since the fall of Atlantis. Written with my heart on my sleeve. I have not embellished one word within its pages.

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Author Biography:

R.B.K. a tradesman and custom motorcycle builder. Residing in northern Alberta Canada. He is one of the most down to earth people one could ever meet. On a spiritual journey he documents his twin flame journey daily. Solitude is his favorite pastime. Which gives him the time to ponder man's insanity. And if you asked him what was life like before insanity. He would answer, you tell me? Continuing to write each day, his twin flame story has evolved into two books. With the second near completion and a third to follow. R.B.K is just another soul having an experience in a human body.

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