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Title: My Life My Story My Journey & A Tall Tale

Author: RBK

Genre: Nonfiction, Eastern Philosophy, Memoir

Book Blurb:

A man's spiritual awakening to the reality of the twin flame phenomena.

Dark Night Of The Soul, Spirituality, Ascension. These were all new concepts to KR. A whole new world had opened up to him. Willing to explore this new world, KR embraced the future with an open mind. And then there was Theresa, the catalyst that awakened him, sending him on a quest for answers that led him to a juncture of two paths, where anything could be manifested. Remembering her last words: "I'll see you soon."

My Review:

The journey through darkness that can infest a person's mind is a very personal one. Many, unfortunately, are given pharmaceuticals but that isn't a cure… it's worse than the disease. RBK found a trifecta of workable solutions for the issue: music, a Harley, and eastern philosophy.

The healing power of music cannot be underestimated in any way, shape or form. Whatever the preferred music, it can soothe a soul and wash away the stressors. The simple memory of a great tune can take the mind back to a pleasant place and away from the problem of the now. RBK finds great value in music to represent or explain a part of his thinking. This is a very approachable solution for anyone. Trust in music. If it's hip hop, country, classical or classic rock, let it free your mind. I, too, cannot recommend the soothing nature of Gov't Mule enough - my choice is Soul Shine.

For the complex nuances of this book to fully reach a reader, they must be familiar with the concepts of eastern philosophy. A telling tale of one man's journey through darkness to the light on the other side. A well written and thoughtful work. Any biker who loves his hog should read this book, too. A solid work.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

RBK. Indie author and poet. Resides in northern Alberta. A tradesman and custom motorcycle builder who is one of the most down to earth people one could ever meet. Solitude is his closest friend, which allows him to ponder man’s insanity. And if you asked him what was life like before insanity he would answer; You tell me. Having experienced his own spiritual awakening he shares his journey and what he has learned along the way from his perspective.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N