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Looking for a holiday gift for those who love nonfiction? #holidaygiftguide #nonfiction #bookish

Looking for a holiday gift for those who love nonfiction (general)? Check out these featured books...

Fractured: essays on love, friendship, and the nightmares in between by K.J. Pierce

Love is deaf, dumb, and blind. And, as her first collection of essays shows, love occasionally strikes author K.J. Pierce utterly stupid. But love is a huge part of being human, and what else is there to do between the highs of first love and the lows of broken hearts, except trip down the primrose path and swear to never make the same mistakes again? She's loved (more unrequitedly than not). She's hated (when there's nothing else left). She's made rash decisions (because, honestly, who hasn't done some level of crazy on account of love?) In short: K.J. has been deaf, dumb, blind, stupid, and guilty of the occasional ill-thought-out plan - sometimes all at the same time. From contemplating beauty to confronting her own fears to befriending rockstars, K.J. reflects on the nature of love. Sometimes funny, sometimes raw, but always honest, she savors friends and lovers who stayed awhile, learns from those who merely passed through, and often finds the answers she seeks are met only with more questions.

Stocks, Bonds and Taxes: A Comprehensive Handbook and Investment Guide for Everybody by Phillip Chute



  • How to deal and make money in a declining Stock Market!

  • Find out how professionals and wealthy people trade and invest!

  • Read the pros and cons of every kind of investment strategy!

  • Find out when the IRS makes personal house calls on investors!

  • Investor knowledge is power, this book gives it all to you!

  • How to increase your yield on most investments!

Life planning

  • All about living trusts.

  • Probate and estate rules and laws.

  • Cybercurrency

  • How to handle IRS audits.

  • Tax court & the hazards of litigation.

  • How to handle bankruptcy, bad debt, and credit scores.

Phillip Bruce Chute, EA has been Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service since 1976. He was a Registered Investment Advisor and Registered Securities Principal for 20 years.


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