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5+ stars for Passage of Promise by Dorothy Robey #womensfiction #fiction #bookreview

Title: Passage of Promise

Author: Dorothy Robey

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Book Blurb:

Marina’s relationships have a rocky history, with a controlling mother, distant sister, and a string of lousy boyfriends. In the midst of her troubles, Marina’s family discovers her four-year-old nephew, Christopher, is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Her mother orders her to go to the Greek island of Santorini to retrieve her great-grandmother’s wonder-working icon of Saints Anna and Mary for healing of her nephew. Fear of Christopher’s condition and a desire for separation from her family, Marina accepts the trip with little deliberation. But when she reaches the island and the church that houses the icon, she finds it’s been stolen. Marina recruits a high school English teacher vacationing on the island, to help her search for her great grandmother’s precious heirloom. During the search, she finds something more than the icon.

My Review:

In a race against time to save her nephew, Marina travels to Greece to recover a family heirloom that has healing properties but finds something more valuable instead. This book is a heartbreaking tale of faith, family, and freedom. It’s also a story about self-discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed Passage of Promise. As one who has an overbearing family, I could relate. Dorothy Robey pens a beautiful women’s fiction with descriptive narration, engaging characters, and the breathtaking scenery of Greece.

Like in her other books, Dorothy Robey writes descriptive narration so immersive, you can smell the salt air. Such detail is hard to come by these days, but Dorothy Robey will stimulate all five of your senses.

The plot moves at a nice easy pace as the story unfolds. The writing is emotional and really connects the reader to the story. I’m fast becoming a fan of this author’s writing. It’s all about life’s journeys and self-discovery.

The characters are written so well, by the end, you won’t want to let go. I connected with Marina instantly. Her distressing situation tore my heart out of my chest. The hopelessness she feels, the hope returning, all play a huge role in Passage of Promise.

If you’re looking for a deeply emotional women’s fiction, pick up this book. Fans of Eat, Pray, Love will love this book. I strongly recommend this book.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Dorothy Robey writes predominantly under her pen name Dorothea Anna. She writes mostly women's fiction that usually includes one or more of the following: a dash of romance, humor, suspense, and a good dose of Greek Orthodox Christian traditions. She lives with her family in beautiful Colorado.

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Reviewed by: Nancy

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