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Picture Imperfect(Destination Romance Book One) by Kate Berberich is a book worth reading #romance #romancereaders #mustread


Picture Imperfect

(Destination Romance Book One)



Kate Berberich



Contemporary Romance



The Wild Rose Press


Book Blurb


Bad girl turned heiress, Lacey Devere has a penchant for falling for precisely the wrong person. Her dad is determined to give her a fresh start, beginning with a luxurious European tour and a new camera to capture each perfect moment.


Dan Lewis is a modern-day highwayman traveling the world, relieving wealthy tourists of their excess cash and jewelry. He learned the hard way not to let anyone get too close.


Their heads are urging caution, but their hearts are being swept away by the glamour and romance of the dazzling cities they’re visiting.




The lobby bustled with tourists in the latest summer fashions and staff in sedate uniforms. But no tall, blue-eyed gentleman dressed in cool blues and grays. Lacey was disappointed, even though she had an errand to run, one he likely wouldn’t appreciate. She wished she had his number to text him about her plans but dismissed the idea. They weren’t a couple. They didn’t need to be aware of each other’s every move.


As she approached the concierge’s desk, she tugged her shirt straight and smoothed an imaginary wisp of hair behind her ear. She was a guest here and entitled to ask any employee for assistance. No matter how imposing he might look standing behind the polished granite edifice in his dark suit and silk tie that looked like they cost more than the entire contents of her luggage. A wave of cologne wafted toward her, and she blinked her eyes, willing them not to water.


The fellow behind the desk eyed her shorts and shirt with the barest hint of disapproval. Then he noticed her Dolce Vita wristband, and he smiled ingratiatingly. “Buon giorno, signorina.”


“Hi. Um, where’s a good place to buy shoes?”


The fellow’s smile grew even wider, and he opened his mouth, but before he could get a word out, Mrs. Wilson did. Several, in fact. Where did she materialize from, anyway?


“Oh, my dear, you want to go to Via Condotti. What are you looking for? Who’s your favorite designer?”


“No—not fancy shoes…walking ones. Sneakers. Hiking boots, maybe?”


Again, the concierge drew in a breath to speak, and again Mrs. Wilson beat him to it.


“Go to Via Condotti anyway. You’ll find anything you need there. Maybe a few things you didn’t even know you needed.”


The concierge displayed his brilliant white teeth again. “The signora is-a quite correct.” He laid a hand over his heart and beamed magnanimously at them. “The bella signorina will-a find everything she desires at Via Condotti. And of course, it is-a my very great pleasure to order for you a taxi.”


Again, Lacey marveled at the power of a simple teal wristband. In short order, she found herself exiting a cab in the heart of Rome’s most exclusive shopping district.


Wow. This must be what Rodeo Drive is like. Or maybe Rodeo Drive is based on this place?


The charming old-world cobbled street hosted an astounding array of designer and high-end retail shops. It would be so easy to go crazy with her new credit cards, but she’d poked fun at that sort of behavior her entire life. She didn’t need to fill a whole closet; she needed one or two pairs of sensible shoes so she could enjoy this trip. Despite a heavy layer of tape and blister pads, her feet were more than happy to remind her of that goal.


She stopped in an upscale cosmetic shop for extra sunscreen and good-quality skin cream, but she figured those counted as necessities in this climate. And she could tell Jenny, yes, she followed her advice. At least in this matter.


She found a beautiful designer tie for Dad. She knew full well he hated wearing them, but it was a gorgeous shade of red, and the silk was so soft she couldn’t resist. She cringed at the price tag but then shrugged. He was the one who sent her on this trip.


She resisted the thought that the tie—in blue, of course—would be amazing on Dan. They weren’t a co—


Okay, shut that down right now. We’re not an anything.


She’d never seen him wear a tie. He might hate the damn things for all she knew.


She needed something nice for Jenny, too. A silk scarf, maybe. Who wouldn’t love a designer silk scarf from Italy? Doctor But-you-know-I-always-wear-scrubs-to-work—that’s who. Was it too late to hope one of them was adopted? Yeah. By at least two decades.


Outside the boutique, Lacey discovered multiple gelato vendors in the vicinity. She was on her…well, third helping when she spotted a violinist on a street corner. She’d been tapping her toes in time to the music without realizing the source. The musician was a gorgeous brunette—who looked nothing at all like Maritza.




The performer had a tip basket, but Lacey didn’t know what was customary. Out of habit, she looked for Dan, who always knew such things—but he wasn’t there.


Fine. She was a grown adult. She could manage this. She took a guess and deposited a few euros in the basket.


The fiddle player flashed her a dazzling smile. “Grazie.”


She figured she guessed right and grinned right back. “Um…uh…prego?


A few audience members nodded encouragement.


Okay then. “Prego.”


See? You can do this.


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Author Biography


I am an author with a penchant for writing about strong, sassy ladies and the men they love (and cats!). I have a background in historic and theatrical costuming. I live in New York with my cat, Miss Toby Toebeanz, and lots and lots of books. Picture Imperfect is my debut novel. The sequel, A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday, was released for the 2023 holiday season.

I'm delighted to announce that I've just signed the contract for A Perfect Brew, a Destination Romance novella set between Picture Imperfect and A Perfectly Imperfect Holiday


Social Media Links:


FB: Kate Berberich, Author

Tumblr: kateberberichauthor

Twitter: @KateBerberich

You can also find me at Goodreads, BookBub, and Pinterest.

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