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Refuge from the World (The Beartooth Chronicles, Book 1) by Kim McMahill is a BHW pick #yalit #teenlit #dystopian #yadystopian #bookboost

Title: Refuge from the World (The Beartooth Chronicles, Book 1)


Author: Kim McMahill


Genre: Dystopian, YA Dystopian


Publisher: Fire & Ice Young Adult & New Adult Books


Book Blurb:


Ashley McPhee arrived in Beartooth with her mom, Sara, when she was three years old. Ever since Ash can remember, life has been simple and peaceful. She enjoyed a carefree childhood, tending honey bees with her mom and spending time with her best friend, Caleb Solomon. But, life in their idyllic mountaintop community is changing.


After learning of the government’s plan to use a geoengineering process to cool the planet, Ash and Caleb realize they need to step up and take an active role in the community. Along with fear for how the process might impact their food supply, Ash learns her mom’s health is failing.


Sara doesn’t want Ash to face an uncertain future alone and nudges her and Caleb into marriage. Even though they have known each other most of their lives, Ash and Caleb’s relationship has changed drastically in a short period of time. They embrace the challenges of learning about each other, dealing with tragedy and grief, protecting their community from deadly predators and ruthless neighbors, and experiencing epic adventures, while trying to find solutions to a rapidly changing environment and deteriorating world.


Additional Info:


Refuge from the World is the first novel in The Beartooth Chronicles. The next novel in the series, Above the Abyss, is scheduled for release summer 2024. Subsequent novels will be released every 4-5 months after the previous novel.


Series blurb:


In a world plagued by natural and human disasters, a small group of individuals secure a struggling mountaintop resort to establish a sustainable community away from a country riddled with violence and hate. The home they’ve created has provided a safe and comfortable existence, but as environmental disasters continue to multiply, bringing out the worst of humanity, the residents of Beartooth find themselves faced with a series of challenges that will test their ability to survive.




“Let’s turn around. I’m starting to get hungry, and we still need to gather some wood on our way back, and maybe try to catch some fish,” Ash said.


Caleb didn’t argue, which made her think the knee probably hurt more than he’d admit. By the time they got back to camp, she had a big armload of wood. She dropped the wood on the shore near the tent, walked over to the water, and stuck her hand in.


“It’s pretty cold. I wonder if it would help for you to wade in, sit down, and soak the knee for a bit. It might reduce the swelling.”


“Worth a try,” Caleb said as he handed her the gun, stripped down, and waded out into the water.


He lowered himself down and sat on the lake bottom facing shore. It was only a couple of feet deep, which was more than enough to cover his leg.


“That feels so good. If you’d go grab some soap and a towel, I might as well take a bath while I’m in here.”


Ash nodded and jogged over to the panniers and retrieved the items. She walked back to the shore and set the towel on a rock. Standing at the water’s edge, she tossed him the bar of soap.


“That looks refreshing, maybe I’ll get in there when you’re done,” Ash said as she watched him wash his hair and lather his chest and arms.


He was almost finished rinsing off when he stopped, stood up, and dropped the bar of soap. “Ash, turn around slowly and backup toward me. Don’t scream.”


She did as he instructed. She didn’t scream, but a gasp escaped her lips as she spotted six large wolves trotting across the meadow toward them. She was ankle deep in water when she bumped into Caleb.


Ash pulled the gun out of her waistband and handed it to him. He took the gun from her trembling hand and moved in front of her.


“I wish I had my bow. The magazine has all twelve rounds that we possess, but since I’ve never shot a gun before, what are the odds of hitting six moving targets before running out of ammunition?”


“Just shooting might scare them off?” she whispered.


 “But for how long?”


“Long enough to grab your bow.”


The wolves were sniffing at the tent twenty-five yards away. The alpha male closed to within twenty yards and growled at them, baring his deadly fangs.


“No matter what, don’t run. They’ll think your prey. I’m going to take a shot. If I wait until they rush us, there’s no way I’ll hit one. My best chance is a stationery target.”


Ash held her breath as she watched Caleb raise his arms, grip the pistol with both hands, sight, and pull the trigger.


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Author Biography:


Kim McMahill started out writing nonfiction, but her passion for adventure, stories of survival against the odds, and speculating about the future of humanity and our planet, soon turned her attention towards fiction. She has published eleven novels, over eighty travel and human-interest articles, and contributed to a travel story anthology. Growing up in a beautiful mountain west community, traveling the world, and enjoying a twenty-year career with the National Park Service, has given her the opportunity to live in amazing places, experience incredible adventures, and witness many changes in our world, all of which have helped shape her stories.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Mar 20

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your new release with us!

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