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River’s Journey, book 1 of The Winds of Destiny Series by Ryan Jo Summers is a Book Series Starter Event pick #romance #bookseries #giveaway

Title River’s Journey, book 1 of The Winds of Destiny Series


Author: Ryan Jo Summers


Genre: Contemporary romance


Book Blurb: 


River Gallagher loves three things—her family, Frank Finn, and her hometown. Her property management career is going great, or at least it was until Calder Finn arrives in town. His rash plans threaten her and the future of everyone in Sweetwater Harbor, NC.

Calder Finn returns home to settle his father's estate. But not only is his father still alive he has a wild and beautiful guardian. River not only threatens Calder's intention for a quick escape, she also questions his beliefs. Something very few people have ever done before. Tempers flare and personalities clash until an uneasy alliance is forged—at least temporarily.




“Are you telling me you’d never marry a man if it were just mutually beneficial between you? Is that what you are implying?” he challenged her, bringing his palms back to the tabletop.


 She shook her head, moving tangled hair out of the way. “No, I would only marry for true love and nothing less.”


 He envied her confident answer. Yet, it explained why this tumultuous woman was still single. However, his curiosity won out. “Okay, and what do you consider nothing less than true love?” Was there even such a thing?


 She smiled. Her smile was the first real smile he’d seen from her. Almost dreamy, it slammed into his chest with all the tenderness of a bulldozer. He counted the seconds until he could force a shallow breath back into his lungs.


One…two…three…four…five… Would she ever answer him?


“That’s hard to put into words. It’s more something two people will feel when destiny speaks, and they are the right two.”


 He could have almost laughed if he had been able to breathe properly. “Then you think it’s destiny that makes two people fall in love?”


“No. I think destiny brings them together. They fall in love because they are meant to.”


 Ah, crystal clear, considering it was coming from her. “Well, that is an interesting point of view, I suppose.” He brushed off any crumbs that might be on the table or stuck in the scarred ridges. “However, my arrangement with Miss Jordon is my business and none of yours, so kindly keep your opinions to yourself.”


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What makes your featured book a must-read?  


River Gallagher is the first sister in this new series to welcome the reader to her beloved town of Sweetwater Harbor, nestled in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She is determined to protect her town and its inhabitants from modernization. And Calder Finn, her childhood neighbor, is back and prepared to drag it into the modern ages. The sparks between River and Calder is impressive to read, and the reader is left to wonder how these two could possibly put aside such polar opposite differences and develop a romance instead of a town. It does seem unlikely. Until certain things change.


Her sister’s story, Storm’s Warning, releases in early 2024 and continues the saga of the Gallagher sisters and Sweetwater Harbor.


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Open Internationally.


Runs January 9 – January 21, 2024.


Winner will be drawn on January 22, 2024.


Author Biography:


Ryan Jo Summers writes from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, usually with a couple of dogs at her feet and at least one cat spread out over her desk. She is a sucker for homeless and traumatized fur-babies. She also operates a pet sitting service.


 Her writing has appeared in trade journals and regional and national magazines. She has numerous novels, novellas, and anthology contributions all published in the romance genre and assorted subgenres. Some have placed well in national writing contests.


Aside from writing and pet sitting, Ryan Jo likes to work in her garden, gather with family and friends, and cook. paint, and read. She enjoys a good game of chess, or a challenging word find puzzle and watching fish swim in an aquarium or the chickens scratch in the yard.


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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Jan 17

Thank you, Ryan Jo, for sharing your book in our Book Series Starter Bookish Event!

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