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Tall, Dark and Damaged by @SarahRSWriter is a Mystery/Suspense pick #romanticsuspense #99cents #99c

Title: Tall, Dark and Damaged (Book One in the Damaged Heroes series)

Author: Sarah Andre

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

His Life Changed in a Heartbeat. Disinherited as a teen, Devon Ashby returns home twelve years later as a ruthless CEO, brilliant at negotiating deals, but emotionally stunted. In an instant all he’s struggled to build implodes. Amid the turmoil of saving his company from a hostile takeover, his engagement to a business partner’s high-society daughter hits the rocks. Compounding his troubles, he encounters his high school sweetheart, whose heart he smashed. The vulnerability she awakens leaves him at greater risk than all the crises he faces. Her Dream Job May Get Her Killed. While restoring art in a billionaire’s private gallery, Hannah Moore is unwittingly drawn into the dysfunctional family’s confidences. When she discovers the rich developer behind her and her sick aunt’s eviction is the family’s black-sheep son—the lover she’s never gotten over—her desire turns to fury. Always one to avoid conflict, Hannah must stand up to Devon and the growing menace of someone who thinks she knows too much. A Decades-Old Secret Turns Deadly. When a family member is murdered, Devon and Hannah become ensnared in sibling greed, festering jealousy, and a tragic secret that’s divided the family. Amid their reigniting passion they race to expose the killer before they become the next victims in this cat-and-mouse game of survival.


“Frannie told me about the fire here last night,” Devon said. He didn’t tack on Joseph’s update about the arson investigator.

“Yes, last night was quite dramatic,” his father answered, his tone lacking any drama.

Interesting. The fire had been in the old-fashioned theater, but it shared a wall with Harrison’s climate-controlled art gallery, filled with masterpieces. “Is your art damaged?”

“There’s too much oily soot covering the paintings to be sure.” Another clipped response. His father wasn’t the kind of guy who kept his displeasure under control like this. And back in the day, a three-degree temperature malfunction in either of his two galleries was considered catastrophic. This was a freaking fire. What had changed? Maybe it was the fact that the perp might be in this very room. Devon glanced at the faces surrounding him, all filled with the usual tension associated with just being in his father’s presence.

Francine crossed her legs. Her foot nudged Devon’s twice. “I saw workers in the gallery this afternoon,” she said to Harrison, then threw Devon a pointed look.

So? He gave her an imperceptible shrug. His disinterest in art was in direct proportion to his father’s obsession for it.

“Some woman with red corkscrew curls,” she added sharply. A buzzing began in Devon’s ears.

“I hired Moore and Morrow Art Restoration.” Harrison poured himself more coffee.

Corkscrew… Moore and Morrow…? Hannah Moore? His Hannah? Something must have registered on his face, because his sister widened her eyes like: Yes, idiot, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!

The buzzing grew louder, and goose bumps covered Devon’s arms. Hannah had been here today? Regret at missing her flashed through him a second before his heart squeezed so hard he squinted. Yet another “twelve years ago tonight” memory, the wreckage he’d left in his wake…

His hearing returned in time for the tail end of his father’s remark: “—company that discovered those Rubens forgeries.”

“I heard the Art Institute almost closed down after the Rubens scandal,” Francine said.

Devon pulled himself together, focusing on three details. Based on the name of the company, Hannah didn’t just work for a restoration firm; she owned part of it. Second, he’d heard about that forgery scandal at some exhibit Nicole had dragged him to. The well-respected Art Institute of Chicago had unknowingly hung three forged paintings, and the discovery sent the staid art world into a frenzy of paranoid speculation over their own works. Third, his father had unwittingly hired Devon’s high school sweetheart yesterday. Harrison had never met her; Devon had gone to great lengths all senior year to make sure of it.

“The restoration firm is gaining a remarkable reputation,” Harrison said. “Next subject.”

Devon sank into the cushion, a warmth settling in him at Hannah’s accomplishments. Followed instantly by the warmer memory of her soft lips, perfecting the art of French kissing. He inhaled unsteadily. What the hell? He was engaged. All that grand passion, roller-coaster crap was well left to his teens.

A discreet cough captured everyone’s attention. Joseph stood in the doorway holding a white, frosted cake piled high with strawberries. “Don’t sing,” Harrison ordered, and nobody did.

Devon reluctantly shook off the remaining Hannah-daze as his father’s girlfriend cut and plated the perfectly proportioned wedges. Honey had the kind of finishing school grace even Nicole and her aristocratic New York friends couldn’t pull off. An aura of mystery surrounded her—someone so flawless suddenly appearing in his family. He made a mental note to Google her, because although he shouldn’t care whether she’d snagged a sugar daddy, and Harrison was gullible enough to fall for it, something wasn’t right. The father he’d left behind wasn’t that stupid.

“I have several announcements,” Harrison’s said, his cup hitting the saucer with a clinking flourish, “which will cumulatively affect everyone here.”

Rick jerked like a puppet on strings, almost spilling the new glass of wine he’d poured. The birdlike clutch returned to Devon’s arm, and when he glanced at his sister, her profile was a study in dread. He frowned at his siblings and redirected his attention to the supremely smug man across from him. What the hell was his father up to?

Harrison smiled at Honey as his gnarled hand reached for hers. Her return smile held the contentment of a purring cat. “First, Honey has agreed to become my wife.”

Devon blinked at the pair. The simmering gut reaction of something not being right boiled over. Why the rush? Jesus, if he had another half-sibling on the wayBut maybe he was looking at this all wrong. Maybe he should feel sorry for Honey. Welcome to the circus, wife number four.

As he added his congratulations to the subdued chorus, he covered Frannie’s hand and squeezed.

“Second,” Harrison continued, “she’ll inherit all the cash, stock, and property I own except for the trust I set up for my grandson.” His gaze flicked to his fiancée, before focusing on Frannie. “Provided you both remain under this roof until you finalize that disastrous divorce.”

At her audible inhale, Devon clenched his jaw and stared into the crackling fire. Clearly Harrison was still a smothering control freak with Frannie. It was one thing when their mother died, but his sister was an adult with her own child. To force her and Todd to live here with the soon-to-be newlyweds was downright offensive.

“Third, I plan to retire immediately. Wesley here will be promoted to CEO of the Wickham Corporation tomorrow.” Pretty Boy across the room gasped. “Fourth. Once I’m gone, the entire empire is his to run. None of my three children has ever shown the slightest interest in my businesses anyway.”

Devon heard Rick’s weight shift on the creaky floorboards, somewhere behind him. “Why?” his brother sputtered. “Why would you disinherit us?”

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A second chance love flourishes amid a murder mystery, arson and a tragic family secret that someone is ready to kill again for to keep hidden. This was a finalist in the most prestigious romance writing contest: the RWA Rita.

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Runs August 9 – August 18, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on August 19, 2022.

Author Biography:

Sarah Andre is a 2017 RITA® finalist, which is Romance Writers of America highest award of distinction. She lives in serene Southwest FL with her husband and two naughty Pomeranians. When she’s not writing, Sarah is either reading novels or coloring. Yes, you read that right. She’s all over those coloring books for adults.

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Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
Aug 10, 2022

A great cover!! I'm intrigued.


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Aug 10, 2022

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your book in our Mystery and Suspense Bookish Event!

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