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5+ stars for Tears of the Wolf by @sbuchbinder #newrelease #fantasyromance #paranormalthriller

Title: Tears of the Wolf (Hotel LaBelle Book 4)

Author: Sharon Buchbinder

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Thriller

Book Blurb:

Chief of Tribal Police Jacob Graywolf serves and protects his community on the reservation. When an epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women hits home, he's relieved the FBI gets involved. But something about the woman agent has him running scared.

FBI Special Agent Zena Adalwolf is certain Jacob is her soul mate. Their connection at first sight is immediate and urgent—a bond that transcends their professional relationship. If only the clueless hunk would realize they belong together!

After more Native American women are killed, Zena and Jacob suspect they have a serial killer on their hands. To track down the unsub, they allow their inner wolves to come out and play. But with the ever-ticking clock going wild, will the killer find them first?

My Review:

Chief of Tribal Police Jacob Graywolf is overwhelmed by the number of Indigenous women gone missing or murdered. Does he have a serial killer on the reservation? He's so thankful for the help when the FBI sends help but there's something about FBI Special Agent Zena Adalwolf which unnerves him. They connect right away, and this scares him. He tries to keep their relationship purely professional, but she pushes him past his limits. Tracking down the serial killer is difficult, but Zena and Jacob have a secret weapon: their inner wolves. The clock is ticking at a rapid pace and they must find the killer before they strike again. Can Jacob and Zena submit to their wolfish desires and realize they're stronger together or will they both wind up dead?

Tears of the Wolf is one of the best serial killer thrillers I've ever read. It's a multi-layered plot with paranormal shifters plus a romance. The theme of missing and murdered Indigenous women is ripped from the headlines and Sharon Buchbinder keeps the reader in suspense from start to finish. The romance between Zena and Jacob is simply wonderful. I loved the push and pull between these two. The plot moves at a natural flow, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Told from multiple POV's, the reader gets an inside glimpse into all facets of the story. Sharon Buchbinder is a brilliant writer and her intricate narration pulls the reader into the story. Hands down, this is the best book Sharon Buchbinder has written. If you're looking for a paranormal thriller, you've got to read Tears of the Wolf. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Amazon best-selling author Sharon Buchbinder's broad range of writing includes internationally best-selling textbooks and award-winning novels that tell haunting tales of love, family secrets, forgiveness, extraordinary abilities, truth, justice, and redemption. She believes happily ever afters are born through strengths developed in overcoming adversity in fiction and real life. If you enjoy authors Heather Graham, Christine Feehan, and Nalini Singh, you will probably enjoy Sharon's Western romance ghost stories, woven with supernatural, Native American paranormal suspense elements. Set in small towns in the American West with strong female heroines, sexy male heroes, secret government agencies, undercover agents, shape-shifters, werewolves, weretigers, ghosts, jinnis (genies), telekinesis, teleportation, remote viewing, these stories will make you wonder about those bumps in the night. For more information go to

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Twitter ID @sbuchbinder

Reviewed by: Mrs. N


N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Oct 19, 2020

You're so welcome, Sharon! It's such a great book.


Sharon Bell Buchbinder
Sharon Bell Buchbinder
Oct 19, 2020

Thank you for your wonderful review of Tears of the Wolf! <3

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