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Celebrate Ireland with The Cupán of Flúirse by @foxx_ml #fantasy #books #giveaway

Title: The Cupán of Flúirse Book 1 Celtic Myst Trilogy

Author: M. L. Foxx

Genre: Fantasy

Book Blurb:

A magical chalice, a legacy with the dragons, and a destiny forged through the centuries.

Celtic Myst Trilogy is a story of good against evil. A story of great love that spans centuries. And above all, a story of courage.

​Forged by the gods, the Cupán of Flúirse is born under the thunder of Taranis, fashioned with symbols of the elements to bring peace and abundance to the clans.

Element of the air, Amergin is a faithful protector and guardian. Through the years, he’s guided the other elements and reigned over times of peace, prosperity, and royal births.

However, the witch Mourdra, is plagued with jealousy over the clans. They hold dear all she desires…and has been denied. The fire dragon and Klenidalf, an evil wizard are tasked to do her bidding, to plunder the clans…and steal the Cupán of Flúirse.

Without the sacred chalice, Amergin is condemned to wander the Earth, those he’s vowed to protect out of his reach.


I stood out of the way with the rest of the clan, around the edge of the clearing next to the trees. Awe swept over me as I watched Len the Goldsmith meticulously prepare his work area. LaSalle tended the fire until the flames danced and mingled with the green of the forest. A great and ancient God had secured Len’s services to create the treasure. Len fashioned the Cupán of Flúirse as more of a small copper chalice which would hold the secrets of life and death. It would protect the lineage passed down through the many generations of the de Danann.

The earth quaked beneath my feet, I teetered, then reached out and found the great trunk of an ancient tree to steady myself. I used my other hand to dig my staff into the earth for balance.

Len lifted his silver mallet bringing it down onto the anvil and a zing blasted through me when a bolt from the sky swept down covering the small corpse of trees in brightness. Its heat wrapped the tip of the tool.

A sizzle drew my attention to the Cupán where the mallet hovered over the metal. The symbol of a great warrior’s sword, fire, was etched by lightning before our eyes. The copper hadn’t cooled when Len raised his free hand toward the sky to coax a star from the heavens. He fashioned the brilliant light into the hilt of the sword. In a flash, the star turned solid into a magnificent emerald stone, earth. The glow melded with the forest.

The magnificence of the symbols blazoned into the Cupán of Flúirse swept my breath away. The cup was fashioned larger than a chalice in order to accommodate the elemental symbols, but it was not as large as a cauldron.

Len stepped back, seemingly in thought. The process of creating the treasure for the de Danann could and most likely would take until the dawn’s light filtered through the tree tops. Len was known to be a perfectionist.

As Len worked his enchantment with his mystical tools, my gaze landed on the young heir, Nuadha de Danann. He stood strong and sure next to his father. He would become a mighty warrior.

A bright bolt flashed and my attention turned once more to the clearing as the copper sizzled and spit, emblazing the symbols into what would be Naudha’s talisman. He would need to protect the treasure. It would be passed through many generations of the Tribe of the Danu, moving when the clan moved. Only far into the future would it finally find its resting place for all eternity. The tomb of Tuatha de Danann.

It would be my duty to guide him. The talisman would be his heritage, but it wouldn’t be an easy duty. Mourdra would covet the great Cupán of Flúirse. The prince would bear the responsibility of his clan, young Nuadha faced many challenges through the years, for I had seen this when I’d cast the runes many moon cycles long ago.

Nuadha already had his eye on his future queen. If Maeve would have him, he would have his hands full. Maeve was aptly named after the Goddess of magic and mysticism.

As an advisor and mentor for the clan, I would walk for a time with Nuadha and his mate. I would guide and mentor her, for even then, I saw greatness in the fledgling faerie already known for her gentleness and healing touch. She would show fierceness when it came to protecting her family.

Maeve knew her own mind and would stand strong against her mate. Though I imagined when she knew Nuadha argued the right path she would let him think she bent to his will. Yes, it would be a good match.

Lost in thought, I jumped when light erupted over the clearing and the ground trembled as if to admonish me for not paying attention. I drew a deep breath and returned my attention to the glowing treasure.

It was a sight to behold. The chalice pulsed with power, the emblazoned symbols glowed, lighting the clearing with their brilliance. The new image was of an ancient spear, sleek with a thin sharp point representing air. This would warn their enemies that clan’s warriors were fierce adversaries.

The Cupán of Flúirse itself denoted water, the elements surrounded the chalice Air, Water, Earth, Fire. The Goldsmith used the fifth element of Spirit to bind the other elements together. For this element represented the human spirit and energy of the God and Goddess.

The creation of the talisman was magnificent.

The symbols on the Cupán of Flúirse, or Cup of Abundance, held significant meaning to the clan and villagers.

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It is the first book of a trilogy that spans centuries to come full circle of a family. Their journey to survive and overcome evil to bring abundance to their people.


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Author Biography:

ML has lived her life in Utah. She loves the mountains. Some day she’d like to move to Ireland, home of her ancestors. ML and her hubby love to travel anywhere. As long as they’re together and it’s an adventure. Her favorite places she has visited is Ireland, Scotland, and Tuscany, Italy.

She loves to hear from fans. This is her first jaunt into Fantasy and Sci-Fi, she loves it. It gives her freedom of choice. She also loves to go to the movies and you got it… Watch the Avengers, Dead Pool, among others.

When ML is not writing or traveling she is hanging out with family.

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Mar 16, 2020

Thank you, ML, for sharing your book in our Booklovers' Pot 'O Gold Event. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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