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4.5 stars for The Heart of Hannen: Book I in The Atriian Trilogy by @fawnbonning #fantasy #romance

Title: The Heart of Hannen: Book I in The Atriian Trilogy

Author: Fawn Bonning

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Dark Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Christine's life has gone horribly awry. She believes she knows the true meaning of misery and shame . . . until destiny lands her in a different world. Hannen Fallier has been horribly mauled. And not only his face. He believes his heart to be mangled beyond mending . . . until destiny lands Christine in his path. Can their love survive, or does destiny have other brutal plans?

**Mature subject matter**

*In regard to the Atriian language. It is 95 percent English, so it is fairly simple to follow. Of the remaining 5 percent, 4 percent is self-explanatory (aya=yes, naya=no, and so forth) and a dictionary can be found at the back of the book to help with the remaining 1 percent. Don't let this simple challenge keep you from experiencing the amazing Atriian Trilogy.

My Review:

Fleeing one world for another wasn't in Christine's plans until destiny brought her to Hannen and true love.

I just finished reading this book and I'm speechless. Never have I read a fantasy romance like this before. Half the time I wondered what was going on and the other half I was learning a whole new world (Atriia) including language, customs, and beliefs. I felt a little like Christine, who fell into this strange world, not knowing what was happening.

The world-building in this story is epic, like Tolkien epic, and the more I read, the more intrigued I became. The author must've spent years figuring out all the details of Atriia and it shows through the descriptive narration. Every nuance, every detail, is beautifully described.

What I wasn't expecting was the brutal violence vibe of the story. There are many dark scenes and violent events which is unusual in a fantasy romance. Dark fantasy, yes, but not fantasy romance. Was it necessary? I'm not sure, but for this reader, it was odd.

The pacing was even and appeared to balance all the action and romance.

If you're a fantasy reader and like your fantasy dark, violent, and all-consuming, pick up The Heart of Hannen. I look forward to reading the next installment.

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

Fawn Bonning is an author of dark fantasy, erotic romance, and horror. She was born and raised in South Florida, and now resides in Tennessee with her husband, four sons, and ten dogs. Her influences include Stephen King, Richard Adams, and Walt Disney. Her debut novel, The Heart of Hannen, was awarded first runner-up in romance in the 2014 New York Book Festival.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Barbara Bettis
28 de dez. de 2021

Sounds like an unusual story, for sure. Such effective world building is difficult. Congratulations !!

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