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According to several readers and reviewers, this is a highly addictive series. Once you start, you won't be able to stop reading...

Title The Japson Club

Author CJ Butler

Genre Suspense

Publisher Tellwell

Book Blurb

How had she gone so astray? Six months ago she had been a slightly lonely but perfectly respectable young woman; now, mired in scandal, illicitly involved with a married man, she was three sheets to the wind at the wheel of her car, driving away from a criminal with whom she had spent the night drinking...

When successful high flyer Anna joins the exclusive equestrian club of Rosemount, simple fun is all she craves; away from her stressful London career and any memory of her stifling ex. But space to breathe is soon overtaken by crowding chaos; blindsided by infatuation, intrigue and a terrifying underworld of crime, Anna’s safe respectability is in tatters and she fears for her life.

And who can she trust? Secretive Andrew Japson, whose mysterious way of life seems to be catching up with him? Enigmatic Damien, who is wickedly disarming one moment and boorishly indifferent the next?

Despite the reassurance of Mateus, old friend turned curate, who appears with uncanny timing to administer clear-eyed advice and spiritual wisdom, in the face of murder all Anna’s comfortable certainties crumble to dust. Can this possibly be real, and how has she got herself in so deep?

Long gone is the good girl who was so in control.


After a pleasant dinner Anna and Mateus strolled back through Central Park in the direction of Anna’s hotel.

“Forgive me Anna,” said Mateus in his considerate and slightly old-fashioned way, “But you don’t seem all yourself.” He looked at her and added, “I don’t mean to pry, but it feels like you need to talk.”

Anna sighed, looking at him in acknowledgement. He was so perceptive. Even the brash novelty of her new environment and frenetic days couldn’t conceal her unusually pensive demeanor from him.

Mateus smiled and said, “I’ve nowhere to be and I’m your friend.”

Anna turned to look at him appreciatively; he had such a genuine peace about him and an honest caring which she trusted and felt safe with. Any time they met they always seemed to pick up as though no time had elapsed since last seeing one another. But it seemed weird to share a relationship issue with a male friend, at least one who was not gay. Mateus, however, was different, and though embarrassed about her feelings, she ran through a conservative version of what had happened and her recent confusion over Damien. She ridiculed herself openly at the fact it was nagging at her now.

“I don’t want this. You know what I went through with Adam and I swore to myself I would take a year to be alone. I don’t want the complication. I just want things back to how they were a week ago when I was happy at my new stables, having fun, playing polo and having a laugh with new friends. And I especially don’t want to feel like this about someone who’s married!”

Mateus looked thoughtful and remained quiet, as if giving her space to reflect on her own words.

“I need this gone from my head. I have more important stuff to focus on. It’s ridiculous! We weren’t in a relationship!” she ranted.

“It sounds like you were,” said Mateus steadily. Anna looked at him uncertainly and he smiled at her. “We build fortresses of denial round ourselves these days to protect our egos. Interaction between people, though subtle, can have a profound impact. But we deny those subtleties when it suits us to do so because we can, because vibrations like that are easily dismissed as fanciful or over-sensitive.” Anna regarded him. They had never spoken of relationships before, and his words had sense and truth. “A lot of people have parameters for what a relationship must be; be it sex or a certain amount of time spent together, or meeting the parents or any other criteria they assign to the word ‘relationship’. But relationships don’t have to be that physically obvious; they can amount to an energy that exists between people, which can be just as powerful.”

“And deniable,” said Anna, thoughtfully, assuming Damien – if he felt anything about the evening – would deny the intensity of that Friday evening. Had he felt it too? She might never know. It could be completely one-sided.

“Denial is a useful tool when a relationship is inappropriate, or one has second thoughts,” continued Mateus in an almost cynical tone, as if reading her mind.

She noticed that he didn’t lecture her on the sanctity of marriage. There was no judgement apparent in his demeanor.

“It wasn’t a relationship,” she insisted, more for herself.

“Fair enough,” he said reasonably. “But regardless of what you feel it was, the premise is the same. It’s something you have to move on from, and the best way is to just accept it and let it go. Don’t judge.”

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Author Biography

Catherine has been an avid writer since she can remember. From a young age, she loved books, story-writing and poetry, always playing with words, seeking to create a visceral feel with her work.

She wrote her first novel, a fantasy, with her younger brother when she was twelve years old. These days she writes suspense novels, with her two published works; The Japson Club and The Wolff Legacy, both of which follow Anna, on her life adventure, personal evolution and spiritual development.

Catherine lives in Canada, in Kemptville Ontario, with her daughter and quirky quarter horse. She emigrated from England in 2009, where she lived in Kent and worked in London as a project manager. She grew up in the beautiful county of Sussex, which inspired the setting for Catherine’s first published novel, The Japson Club.

Nowadays Catherine, possibly slightly grisled from her years in the construction industry, works in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, and she knows the corporate game, as well as the hard face of being on site in the midst of the dust and rubble.

In her downtime she can either be found hanging out with her daughter, writing late into the night, reading, or of course, riding her horse.

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Title – The Wolff Legacy

Author – CJ Butler

Genre - Suspense

Book Blurb

I’m going to tell you a story. It should come out, now that I am dying. And you look like just the person to blow the lid on an unsolved crime. A case which has been shelved for years…

Three weeks after the events of The Japson Club, Anna is back in her Sussex cottage, trying to get on with her life. But it’s not easy. Not only is she having recurring nightmares, but Andrew is uncharacteristically jumpy, Mateus is acting oddly, and Damien wants her back. She has to get away.

So when she’s offered a job in the Channel Islands – sunshine, secluded beaches, and quaint Gallic charm – she jumps at it. Surely, if her troubles are across the sea, she can leave them all behind?