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5+ stars for The Lady Flyer by @janelewisauthor #vintageromance #historicalromance #bookreview

Title: The Lady Flyer

Author: Jane Lewis

Genre: Vintage Romance

Book Blurb:

On a hot summer day in 1939, a rich airplane salesman falls in love with a daredevil lady flyer. Lisbeth Douglas works as a pilot, mechanic and flight instructor. As a Lady Flyer in the 1930’s, she works in a male-dominated profession. Fearful of ridicule she keeps her dream of becoming a test pilot a secret. A cocky airplane salesman arrives in Saplingville and sets up shop at the airport. He steals her heart but will never take possession of her dreams.

Paul Williams is more comfortable designing airplanes than flying them. To please his father, he takes a job as an airplane salesman. His boss sends him to the deep-south where he meets a ravishing, daredevil of a woman. His heart takes a nosedive at the first sight of her. How can he give up his controlling ways and let her soar?

My Review:

From the moment Lisbeth meets Paul Williams, she dislikes his arrogance and of course, his criticism of her performance. Sure, she’s one of the few American female pilots and airplane mechanics but flying is her one true love. It’s all she’s ever wanted to do. She assumes Paul is like a lot of men she’s met but the more she gets to know him, she discovers he’s not just a controlling jerk. Her mama tries to marry her off to Paul, but Lisbeth has dreams of her own. She wants to break the gender barrior and become a test pilot. She might get her chance if she can win the flying competition. When she finds out Paul has entered as well, she’ll have to put their relationship to the test. Will she sacrifice her dream for Paul’s love or will she go after her dream, even if it means losing him forever?

The Lady Flyer is a historical romance unlike any I’ve read before. A free-spirited heroine and a rugged hero, both lovers of aviation, propel the plot. It’s easy to see how alike Paul and Lisbeth are yet both too stubborn to admit it. I connected with Lisbeth right away. Every thought, rejection, and emotion she feels, the reader experiences as well. As a woman, I love reading a gender-bending independent heroine willing to risk it all to make her dream a reality. The heartfelt romance between her and Paul is such a joy to read. Historically accurate, The Lady Flyer whisked me away. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Jane Lewis dreamed of being a romance writer since she read her first romance novel. She wrote articles for her school newspaper, articles for a music magazine and composed and arranged music.

Writing a novel was put on hold because work as a Musician, Teacher and Analyst and Manager at a large railroad corporation consumed her time. She graduated cum laude from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music.

When she isn’t writing her next romance, she enjoys cooking, tending her rose garden, playing music, weight training, yoga and bowling with her real life hero, her husband. She and her husband live in a suburb outside of Atlanta. She is a PAN member of Romance Writers of America, Georgia Romance Writers and Georgia Writers Association. She was a 2016 finalist in the Hearts Through History, Post-Victorian/World War II category for her first romance novel, Love At Five Thousand Feet.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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