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Trailer Reveal | The Palace of the Stars: a Thrilling Adventure in Love, Magic, and Mystery #video

Title The Palace of the Stars: a Thrilling Adventure in Love, Magic, and Mystery

Author Karina McRoberts

Genre Time Slip Adventure/Romance, Time Travel Romantic Suspense

Publisher Next Chapter

Artist or Company who made the book trailer Sally’s Speaking

Book Blurb

Lost in time, he finds his feet but loses his heart…

Badly beaten Australian rookie cop Mike Harker emerges from a coma with no history, no job, and no self-respect. While convalescing with a kooky bibliophile, a time portal opens in her bookstore and Mike is hurled into the past.

Faced with another beating, he is rescued from a mob by the charming impresario of The Palace of the Stars, a magnificent music hall.

There Mike falls for the beautiful and beguiling stage magician, Mae Belle, who begs him to solve a series of gruesome murders. Mike learns that Mae's magic is more than an act. Stung by jealousy, he must team with her onstage, and possibly offstage partner, the mysterious Chan Li, to discover and trap the killer.

With his own life in danger, Mike seizes his one chance at redemption and winning the woman he loves, but the justice of the day disgusts him and he must make a horrible choice.

Meanwhile, the portal through time is closing….

2021 Wishing Shelf Book Awards Finalist

Watch the Book Trailer:

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Author Biography:

Karina McRoberts is an avid writer of several genres. She is also a musician, visual artist, theatre producer, and conservation biologist, who is working to convert degraded farmland back to native forest. Karina lives with her husband Bill and dog Tahshi near York, Western Australia.

The Palace of the Stars is the first novel in her Love, Magic, and Mystery series, and has recently placed as a finalist in the 2021 Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

Regarding the experience of writing this novel, she writes:

I wrote this book based on true events in the town of York, Western Australia, but, I soon got carried away with my research. Carried away to a funky little building that I thought would make the perfect bookshop for my character, Mari. There was an earthquake in the town. There was a goldrush. There is a coma survivor with strange shifts in consciousness. There is a beat-up policeman called Michael. And, a ‘music hall’ singer, who shall remain nameless. So, all these I put into my story, too. I scrounged around the town at midnight, chasing vibes and atmosphere. I began to feel what it might have been like to be lost in time. My imagination took a fierce hold, which led me to explore enhanced consciousness...MAGIC!

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1 Comment

N. N. Light
N. N. Light
May 06, 2022

Thank you, Karina, for sharing your book trailer with us! It's so gorgeous.

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