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5 stars for The Romanov Legacy: A Novel by @MarilynBaron #historicalmystery #romanov #bookreview

Title: The Romanov Legacy: A Novel

Author: Marilyn Baron

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Historical Imperial Russia Fiction, Historical Mystery, Dual Timeline

Book Blurb:

Two women, centuries apart, and the secrets that bind them…

Melody, a young single mother, discovers she’s descended from the last Tsar, Nicholas II. She becomes the best hope of a secret global society, Guardians of the Romanov Legacy, dedicated to restoring a Romanov to the throne of a New Russia. A diary and an heirloom necklace inherited from her murdered grandmother hold the key to her identity and to the location of the Tsar’s lost shipment of gold.

She must accept the sacrifices her birth demands and trust the machinations of the estranged father of her child. To refuse means turning her back on her heritage, her daughter’s legacy, and the long line of her family’s women who were keepers of the secret. Will her longing for true love have world-changing consequences?

My Review:

One family's legacy passed down through the ages riddled with seduction, murder, and mystery. Still grieving the loss of her murdered grandmother, Melody opens a safe deposit box to discover she's a descendent of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. Her? A Romanov? She also discovers two diaries, one in Russian, and a beautiful diamond and emerald necklace. After a little research, she comes home to find her baby daughter and her Russian nanny missing. What happens next throws Melody in the middle of a conspiracy to reinstate the Romanov monarchy on the throne and she's helpless to stop it. Thinking of only her daughter, Melody will do anything to keep her safe, that is if Melody can stay alive.

The Romanov Legacy: A Novel is a historical fiction shrouded in mystery and intrigue. From the premise, I knew this was going to be an engrossing read. I'm very familiar with the Romanovs and the possibility of heirs carrying on the name so I wondered how Marilyn Baron would build her story around this part of Russian history. Marilyn Baron weaves an unbelievable story amongst historical fact so well, I found myself transported into the story. Intricate details along with descriptive narration carried me along the further I went into the story. While there are some instances where I found it hard to believe a mother would do such a thing, I couldn't fault the characters. The mystery and thriller sub-plots were filled with suspense and a few twists I didn't anticipate. By the time I finished, I sat back and thought long and hard about what I just experienced. Marilyn Baron's gift for writing is on display in The Romanov Legacy: A Novel. If you're looking to be swept away to the lavish world of Imperial Russia, pick up The Romanov Legacy: A Novel. If you love reading stories about secret societies, carrying on the bloodlines, and unraveling a puzzle, pick up The Romanov Legacy: A Novel. If you're a historical fiction reader, you'll love The Romanov Legacy: A Novel.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Marilyn Baron writes in a variety of genres from women’s fiction to historical romantic thrillers and romantic suspense to paranormal/fantasy. She’s received writing awards in Single Title, Suspense Romance, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements and Paranormal/Fantasy Romance. She was also The Finalist in the 2017 Georgia Author of the Year Awards (GAYA) in the Romance Category for her novel, Stumble Stones, and The Finalist for the 2018 GAYA Awards in the Romance category for her novel, The Alibi. Her latest novel, The Romanov Legacy, released June 14, 2021, is her 27th work of fiction. A public relations consultant in Atlanta, Marilyn is past chair of Roswell Reads and serves on the Atlanta Authors Series Committee. To find out more about what Marilyn writes, visit her website at:

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Marilyn Baron
Marilyn Baron
25 jun 2021

Thank you for this lovely review.

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