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5 stars for Traveller Manifesto by @robshackleford #scifi #timetravel #historicalfiction #bookreview

Title: Traveller Manifesto

Author: Rob Shackleford

Genre: Sci-Fi / Historical Fiction

Book Blurb:

Traveller Manifesto is Book 3 of the Traveller Trilogy, the explosive final sequel to Traveller Inceptio and Traveller Probo.

To use the enigmatic Transporter and send Special Forces trained Researchers back a thousand years is now the biggest game in world politics.

But not only politics, as academics scramble to outdo each other and harness prestige in the increasingly influential field of History.

As Professor Taylor is rescued from Byzantine Rome, a heavily-armed US Traveller team explores Mississippian Cahokia to experience a situation beyond even their control. Michael Hunter and Tatae flee Giolgrave in the hope of finding safety from modern interference. But at a terrible cost.

And something seems to be happening in Israel, resulting in the creation of a high-profile investigation team to uncover if there is a clandestine Traveller mission operated by the US and Israel.

From the windswept mountains of Wales, to the hills of Cahokia and the dusty wadis of the Negev, researchers find that to visit the past may not necessarily provide the answers they seek.

My Review:

What has to be the highly anticipated third phase of this series is finally here. The reader has no trouble catching up with the story. The author presents a summary of the first two seamlessly. Without even noticing it, a reader is up to date and ready to dive into this book.

Here, the stakes in this transporter game are bigger than ever. It is one thing to study history but another to potentially rewrite it. That this could occur with both military and government powers concerned brings brinkmanship to a new level.

The action is fast-paced and intense. You literally never know what will happen once a team jumps through that 'rabbit hole'. The intrigue and suspense are heavy. A book that will simply captivate the many fans of this series. Recommended to all fans of this series. Recommended to all fans of time travelling books. Recommended to everyone who enjoys conspiracy books.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

A resident of Australia, Rob Shackleford has lived in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, with a career that has varied from Scuba Instructor and Customs Officer to College Teacher and IT.

Interests include travel, SCUBA diving, History, martial arts, astronomy, and playing Djembe and Congas. Despite that, he is actually not that boring.

Rob is the father of two and has made his green escape with his lovely lady into the Gold Coast hinterland.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N


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