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4.75 stars for Until the End (The Awakener Book 2) by @EvanLGrove #darkfantasy #uf #bookreview

Title: Until the End (The Awakener Book 2)

Author: Evan L. Grove

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Book Blurb:

When Emily Lee first arrived in Odelia, she had little more than a hatchet to her name, but by a strange twist of fate she soon found herself in control of powerful magic, the likes of which few had ever seen. Using that power she carved a path forward, believing it to be enough to save her father from his imprisonment. But in the end that power betrayed her and revealed that its true nature came with a terrible cost….

As Lord Gaudeman’s forces begin their bloody march upon the capital, Lehksi Olent journeys deep into the darkness, searching for whatever shred of hope might lay within the depths of the abyssal kingdom, Faugrand. While she toils away alongside Marcus, a man whose motives remain uncertain at the best of times; her brother, Marty, is plunged into the heart of the conflict where he is forced to confront the victims of Gaudeman’s cruel game…as well as the depths of his own failure.

And still sleeping beyond the veil of dark lies Emily, dreaming of a time long past where the key to their victory may very well be hidden….

Until the End is the second novel in The Awakener Duology, a dark fantasy epic that explores a bitter reality born out of fear and loss, set in a world standing at the edge of its reason. Three souls will seek answers, yearning for a conclusion that may bring about an end to decades of bloodshed and torment…or may yet condemn them to an even more terrible fate.

My Review:

A book I had long looked forward to after the first incredible book of this two-book series. Those who are major fans of Lehksi, Emily and Marty will be able to carry on their story in this second installment.

The world-building didn't stop after the first book. In the second book, the reader is taken on a long voyage through the varied machinations of the past. This is done in order to create context for the story that has been told all along.

An author has immense power when writing a book like this. Within their mind is the ability to decide if Good can overcome Evil and how this can be conveyed. Individual tastes vary so there isn't a right or wrong way to do this. For this reader, honestly, this aspect of the second part was a letdown.

Fans of the ring saga will really relate to this book and enjoy this series. Any fans of Tolkien will love this book series. Definitely a must-read for those who enjoyed the first book.

My Rating: 4.75 stars

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Author Biography:

Evan L. Grove lives in southern California with his wife and two cats where he works begrudgingly as a software engineer. As a long time fan of the fantastical, he spends more time than he’d rather admit engaged with worlds beyond his own. To the North is his first novel, and he is certain he’ll write many more in the years to come.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 commentaire

Barbara Bettis
07 avr. 2022

I have great respect for authors who can create such believable and accessible worlds as this. Congratulations, Evan!

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