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5 stars for What’s The Meaning of This? by @iamandrewstuart #selfhelp #motivation #bookreview

Title: What’s The Meaning of This?

Author: Andrew Stuart

Genre: Self-Help, Meaning of Life, Motivation

Book Blurb:

What’s the meaning of this? Is a question Andrew Stuart asked himself one day, during a time when not much made any sense. The question sent him on a journey. On that journey, he looked for purpose and the meaning of it. The answers and questions he discovered along the way are written in this short book on purpose! This short book is for people looking to discover and understand purpose and the meaning of it in their own lives.

My Review:

A book that allows you to quickly get the point of it. I was very pleased I quickly understood what the author meant because then the book was done. A short read that will be long on value to the reader.

There are seminal points that should work for every person. To paraphrase, the author wants people to evaluate the various uses of their time. That is central to the enjoyable life I lead. If you are doing something and you don't see a point to it or any value in it...why are you doing it? That is how I measure new tv it worth 22 minutes of my valuable time? If not, then no point in watching it.

One other key point is the idea of embracing obstacles. That is something that is 100% true. In my world they are called challenges, but I say every challenge is an opportunity.

This is a quick read but beneficial for people looking for some direction in life. A simple self help book that is an easy read. A fine addition to the genre. This book would be good for anyone looking to find a better sense of direction in their life.

My Rating: 5 stars

Buy it Now:

What’s The Meaning of This? A Short Book on Purpose! Kindle Edition

What’s The Meaning of This? A Short Book on Purpose! Paperback

What’s The Meaning of This? A Short Book on Purpose!

Author Biography:

Andrew Stuart’s journey starting started when he was 12 years old. A lady came to his school to teach right- brain writing. She liked his story and then published it. He spent the next 22 years working different jobs, from Car Sales to a Bungee Jumping Instructor, they even made a Guinness Book of Records attempt with a bungee cord made from condoms. He went to college for Marketing and focused mainly on digital marketing. He learned how to build websites, started a digital marketing agency, and in 2020, he thought the world was going to end. That fear resulted in publishing his first book as an adult and the start of his writing career. His second book went on to win a Book of the Year award in Canada. And the next one is part of a five-book series called The Suite Escape.

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Reviewed by: Mr. N

1 Comment

Jan Sikes
Jan Sikes
Sep 20, 2022

This sounds like a helpful book to get on track and stay on track!

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