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New Release | What the Ocean Reveals by Gracie Guy #romance #laterinlife #newrelease #bookboost

Title -   What the Ocean Reveals

Author -   Gracie Guy

Genre - Contemporary Later-In-Life Romance

Publisher - Summer’s Gift Publishing


Book Blurb –


For a man who has always followed a plan, even Tim Harley is surprised when he transplants his life nearly two-thousand miles south of his hometown and family to take a new job. Maybe the change of scenery will help heal his broken heart. After all, he’ll be living in paradise—Banyan Tree Bay. What could go wrong?

With nearly forty years of living on or near the water, Willa Davidson has built a very successful career as a fine artist. When she meets her boyfriend’s college roommate, she realizes that she deserves more in a relationship than the current offering.

Criminal investigations, crystal-clear Caribbean waters, and shady dealings complicate things for both Tim and Willa. In the end, will they find their way to one another?


Excerpt –


Rivulets of sweat rolled down the side of her face while she was just sitting still. The breeze was so faint only the highest peaks of the palm trees moved. Her upper body was wrapped in the sauna known as the month of July. The humidity was like a heavy, wet blanket that caused her to take quick, shallow breaths. She wiped the glistening moisture from her upper lip. The fine, downy hair springing up instantly, tickling her skin in the process. Then, she ran the paper towel across her cheeks and neck—but more sweat beads quickly took their place.


The plaintive call of the normally vocal blue jay was far in the distance. Much closer, she heard the scratchy voice of the Mockingbird fill the late afternoon heat. To Willa, even the birds sounded hot. And she was sure her internal organs were in the process of being hard boiled.


Finally, a breeze swept across her face and arms, causing Willa to close her eyes and enjoy the immediate cool-down it brought to her sweltering body. When she opened them, the blazing sunshine had been snuffed out by a bank of black clouds. She couldn’t help but smile when the thunder started on one side of the building, rolling over it. The windows rattled in their metal frames; she held her breath, waiting for them to crack.


Moments later, big, fat, warm, ploppy drops of rain began falling on her overheated skin. Standing up, Willa peeled off her tank top and lifted her face heavenward, enjoying the sensual beauty of the warm summer rain as it raced over her exposed skin.




“I’ve seen that look before.”


Tim turned to face the familiar voice. “Hey, Damian. How did you find me?”


“I put my brain into Northerner mode. Where’s the first place most people from New York or New England come to when they get to Florida? The beach.” He gave his arm a big arcing wave, fingers pointed across the vast expanse of water to where the setting sun would soon fill the horizon.


Tim stared at the near smirk on the face of his college roommate, Damian Buck. Age hadn’t tempered his quick wit or snarkiness. Damian was a man who lived on the edge—always counting on his tousled blonde hair “good boy” looks to carry him through.


“Have you patented that line of thought, yet?”


“Ha, no. But I really should. Especially in the last few years. We’ve had so many Yankees move this way that it’s a bit overwhelming. Everywhere I turn I hear accents from New York, Long Island, Boston, and Vermont. Ya’ll are sort of pushing the southern out of the south.” He offered his hand to Tim, pulling him into a semi-hug, while clapping his other hand on Tim’s left shoulder—classic bro material. “Seriously, welcome to Southwest Florida.”


“It’s nice to be here.” Tim found himself stepping backward out of the greeting, propping his hands on his hips.


“We’ve got lots to talk about. I think it’s been at least ten years since we last saw each other. Where are you staying?”


Tim pointed to a small pink motel just visible past the fifteen-story national chain monstrosity staring down at them. “That little indie place.”


“Ya know, I could have gotten you a deal here, right?” Damian nodded at the beach side tower. “A good friend is part of management there. You know, the kind with benefits.” His golden curls bobbed when he laughed, causing Tim to wonder whether they really did have something to talk about.


He was already starting to think that he and his friend had drifted apart, especially concerning respect for women.


“Yeah, it’s okay. The little place is clean, the towels are soft, and the bed firm. That’s about all I need to get me through until I find an apartment.”


Damian pulled his phone from a back pocket and tipped his head up the beach where a heavy black cloud filled the sky. “Hey, that bad boy will be here shortly. Plus, it’s pushing six o’clock. We’re late for beer-thirty. There’s a place about a block down from your motel that makes great grouper bites and hush puppies. And lots of cold beverages on tap. Shall we head out?”


“Sure. I might just as well get used to local food.” Tim slid his hands into the front pockets of his light-weight shorts as he felt Damian’s arm go around his shoulder as they crossed over the hot sand of the main beach.


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Author Biography –


Gracie Guy has been blessed with an eclectic and rewarding life, filled with family, friends and a passel of animals. She’s a wife, sister, aunt, farmer, gardener, and a retired athlete who loves her bionic hip, who proudly calls Upstate New York her home.


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