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New Release | Where Dreams Come True by @JudyKentrus #sweetromance #romanticsuspense #bookboost #ku

Title: Where Dreams Come True

Author: Judy Kentrus

Genre: Sweet Romantic Suspense

Book Blurb:

Chelsea Townsend runs a local dancing school in Last Chance Beach. Five years ago, her partner dropped her during a performance. The resulting injury killed her chance of becoming a Prima Ballerina. Her dancing career always took precedence, but she regrets giving up a chance to have a life with the only man she’s ever loved.

She’s worked hard to reopen the historic Gershwin Theater. When someone breaks into her dancing school, it sets off a chain of events that reveals the untold secrets surrounding the old theater, including a twenty-five-year-old murder.

It will take a police detective, the father of one of her students, to find out who is working against her.

Zachary MacFarland, a decorated NYC police detective, returned to Last Chance Beach eight months ago. He and his partner were ambushed, and the bullet that killed his partner came from Zach’s gun. He’s determined to find the real killer and clear his name.

Coming home also meant being close to Chelsea Townsend. She chose her career over the happily-ever-after he offered. It will take all of his detective skills to reveal who is determined to destroy her hopes and dreams.

Last Chance Beach meant second chances. Would they find the love and happiness they once lost?



“Chelsea will never dance again. We had to put pins and rod in the leg.”

No! No!

Jerking awake, the pressure in her chest made it difficult to breathe. She gasped and shot up, gulping breaths. Her two hands griped her right ankle from the phantom pain that had become a permanent part of her body. Five years, five years reliving the nightmare.

Her head fell upon her raised knees while her fingers gently messuage the soft skin covering her ankle. Long, dark-brown hair formed a shawl around her cheeks. The past few months the horror-filled dream had returned more often.

The performance of Romeo and Juliette was to be the ultimate of everything she’d ever worked for…to become a member of the American Ballet Theater, the most prestigious ballet company in the United States. The muscle pain and frustration to get each move exactly perfect, overcoming the back-stabbing jealousy and animosity of others had been worth it, but that night her world and dreams has ended.

Five years may have passed, but she could still feel the gripping strength of Phillip’s arms lifting her up, the swell of the music just before he swung her around. If she hadn’t been so lost in concentrating on the music, she would’ve been aware of the change in the way his hands had loosened, plummeting her to the floor.

The world around her has ceased to be. Concussed by the fall, she woke up hours later in an emergency room in pain, still not fully aware of what had happened or the extent of her injury.

She brushed the long strands off her cheek, remembering how Zachery had been holding her hand. He’d been the one to wipe her tears away. He’d been the one to lean down and tell her everything would be okay. He’d been the one to say he was going to find out what happened. He hadn’t witnessed the accident, but the show had been recorded.

She could remember asking about Philip. The anger in Zachary’s voice had been palatable when he told her he attempted to talk to the principal dancer. The stage manager reported Thomas was so upset, he’d left the theater, stating he needed to be alone.

After surgery, she’d drifted in and out of sleep, induced by pain killers in a hospital bed in Manhattan, but she’d recognized the familiar voices of her grandparents and Zachary. The unfortunate accident had killed her dream to become a prima ballerina.

She opened her eyes and raised her head, being greeted by the early morning sunlight piercing the white hurricane shutters on the four windows of her bedroom. She blinked a few times, to focus on the bedside clock. Seven-thirty.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee let her know her grandparents were up, most times before the sun crested the horizon on Last Chance Beach. Lenny and Carl, the long-time tenants, would have already enjoyed breakfast. Their routine was to sit in the rocking chairs on the front porch and enjoy a second cup of coffee.

Wallowing in self-pity wasn’t making her feel better. She swung her legs to the floor and stood, automatically bending over to touch the floor with her hands. Early morning stretching came naturally, and she threw her arms wide, swaying her hips to a silent beat.

Never in her wildest imagination did she think she’d ever return to Last Chance Beach and live with her grandparents.


Zachary shut down his computer and turned off his desk light at police headquarters. The sign on his cubicle read Detective Zachary McFarland, not that he had to use his skills as a homicide detective since joining the Last Chance Beach police force six months ago. The biggest challenge was adjusting to the slower pace from being a murder cop on the New York Police Department. He shook his head and laughed. Where else would you find the governing body of a town in a building called the Gold Doubloon? Police headquarters was on the first floor and the Mayor and city offices were on the second floor.

He paused from pushing his chair away from his desk when his boss approached. He’d worked with Declan Moran in New York for a few months, before Zachary was transferred to another precinct. Since returning to Last Chance Beach, the Chief had married, and Zach had enjoyed Tatiana’s company a number of times at their home. His tan chinos had a sharp crease, and he wore the golf shirt with the logo from the LCB Police Department.

Dec propped a hip on the desk. “I wanted to catch you before you left. Have you adjusted to the slower pace of our police department?”

“That’s the third time you’ve asked me that since I joined the force. Are you afraid I’m going to quit out of boredom?”

“The thought has crossed my mind. Getting a detective with your skills is a plus for our small-town force. The winter months are slower since we don’t have that many tourists. You can expect the next influx of college kids during spring break.”

“I grew up here and are well aware of the busy months.”

“Pointed noted. It took me a few months to adjust to the gentler pattern, but I’d never go back to a big city.”

The chief nodded in the direction of the thick file folder sitting on the corner of Zach’s desk. “Your body is here, but your mind is back in New York with the case that is never far from your mind.”

He usually kept that file in his bottom draw and worked on it every free moment, but the chief was right. The case that changed his life needed to be solved.

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Author Biography

Judy Kentrus, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Seasoned Romance,

Historical Romance

I’ve always been a romantic at heart and I married my high school sweetheart. I make my home in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. Before I let the dog out, I make sure there aren’t any bears around. I’m a mom with two grown children who have given me six grandchildren.

We love to travel. Many of the places we’ve visited have inspired me to use as a storyline. I never know what will give me an inspiration, but my mind is always working.

When I’m not giving couples their happily-ever-after, you can find me in the kitchen, baking, especially cookies. I’ve been dubbed the cookie queen by my family and friends. You’ll find a new recipe every month on my website.

Want to find out more about my books and what’s coming? Be sure to sign up for my newsletter, via my website. My stories are fun, sexy, romances that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love.

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Tiktok: lolababy687

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N. N. Light
N. N. Light
Feb 02, 2023

Thank you, Judy, for sharing your new release with us!

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