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5+ stars for Whiplash, Book 1 by @morgan_quaid #yafantasy #yalit #dystopian #fantasy #bookreview

Title: Whiplash, Book 1

Author: Morgan Quaid

Genre: YA Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Abducted in the dead of night by a mountainous thug and a ginger-haired dwarf, eighteen-year-old Jack Flint is taken to an underground bunker where he and a group of other teens are forced to fight an implacable enemy in a dream world rife with danger.

Whiplash is a fast-paced story written in first-person perspective and set with a rich and intricately detailed fantasy world where god-like figures fight to determine the fate of humankind. Think Ender's Game meets Maze Runner, where nightmarish creatures from the world of dreams threaten the waking world and teens with the ability to dream themselves into the dreamworld are forced to fight in a war for humanity's survival.

My Review:

Dreams become nightmares and humanity’s survival comes down to a group of teens with the ability to lucid dream. Jack awakens in the middle of the night only to be abducted by a humongous brute and a dwarf. Not knowing what is happening, Jack soon discovers the fate of the world lies in his hands and the hands of other teens like him. He must fight with creatures from the nightmare world. He cannot fail, for this war between the waking world and the nightmarish dream world is being orchestrated by power-hungry demigods. Join Jack and his brethren as they claw their way to freedom.

Whiplash is a riveting fantasy adventure I couldn’t stop reading. It’s part dystopian, part fantasy, part thriller, all woven together to create an unputdownable read. I connected with Jack right away and his character drives the plot. With intricate world-building and descriptive narration, Whiplash is a fantasy reader’s dream. The plot moves at a perfect pace with plenty of strife and turmoil for the characters to overcome. The premise, while not original, captivated my every thought while reading. I stayed up late a couple of times just to see what would happen next. This is my first Morgan Quaid book, and his writing style reminds me of some of the top fantasy writers. Brilliantly written, Whiplash needs to be read by the masses. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. Highly recommend!

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Morgan Quaid is an Australian-based writer of speculative fiction who writes comics, graphic novels, short stories and fast-paced, first-person novels set in epic/fantasy and horror settings.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N


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