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4 stars for Widow's Walk by Wendy Webb and @wildrosepress #bookreview #gothic #supernatural

Title: Widow’s Walk

Author: Wendy Webb

Genre: Gothic, Supernatural, Dark Fantasy

Book Blurb:

Escaping a troubled marriage, Annie Cameron brings her autistic son Charlie and mother-in-law to Mico Island. With the friendship of Winston Mann and his wife, their new home becomes a sanctuary. Until the dreams start.

Years ago the Manns' son mysteriously drowned. Winston thinks the woman who once lived in Annie's house caused his death. Except she's been dead for two hundred years.

Charlie and his mentally fragile grandmother sense a malevolent presence in the house. But they don't know how to fight back as Annie slowly becomes possessed.

Now Annie has discovered the door to the widow's walk and the house's dangerous past. A storm is brewing. Someone waits to finish what was started long ago. And Annie will keep a promise she never made.

My Review:

Annie Cameron’s life is turned upside down when her husband ships her off plus her autistic son and her mother-in-law to Mico Island. Thinking it is only temporary, Annie tries to make the best of it but is devastated when she discovers the truth. Strange occurrences within the house creeps out Annie but nothing like the vivid dreams. Her son begins drawing eerie drawings and her mother-in-law senses an angry ghost. The more Annie investigates the house and its dreadful secrets, the more Annie and her family are in danger. Can Annie do what the other mothers have been unable to do or will she soon be haunting the Widow’s Walk?

I love a good ghost story and for the most part, Widow’s Walk is a modern gothic supernatural tale. The plot moves at a nice steady pace, slow enough to build the suspense but quick enough to not drag. The characters were intriguing and I especially liked Charlie. I loved the history behind the Widow’s Walk and the historical sub-plot of the hauntings of the house Annie is living in. I found Annie a solid main character and sympathized with her situation. Her emotions are well-conceived and realistic. The haunting part was fantastic, though I wished there was more attention paid to the other women who’ve been possessed. Their stories would’ve added a layer of depth to the overall plot. If you’re looking for a supernatural suspense, pick up Widow’s Walk today.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

Wendy Webb is a nurse, educator, and a disaster medical responder. An avid traveler she’s learned to keep a notebook to jot down details of the inevitable strange, unusual, or just plain quirky event that will occur where she goes. You can find more information on

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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Caroline Clemmons
Caroline Clemmons
Mar 13, 2020

Best wishes with the book.

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