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The Split by Hannah Hopkins @themumwhowrites Blends #SciFi with the Fun of #HarryPotter! #YALit #boo

Title: The Split (The Mayfly Series, #1)

Author: Hannah Hopkins

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Book Blurb:

Lose yourself in this brand new Sci-Fi/Fantasy adventure, where the charm of "Harry Potter" meets a futuristic world...

It's the year 2100. Earth is dying. A young woman named Elsie has risked everything to get her new-born son, Will, aboard The Mayfly - a spaceship that will transport a select number of people to a new planet they can call home.

Thirteen years later, and Will is ready to start school at The Space Academy, an institute specialising in subjects such as Alien Studies, Technology and Rocket Control.

Whilst there, Will begins to uncover secrets about his father's death, becoming wrapped in a compelling mystery that he and his friends must solve if they have any hope of saving humanity from the terrifying threat that lies in wait …

My Review:

Life is a space odyssey but for Will and his three friends, they’re about to find out just how deadly outer space can be. Welcome to The Space Academy where students learn all about the history of aliens as well as rocket control. While studying, Will uncovers the real mystery behind his father’s death. He investigates and soon discovers more than he bargained for. Now, he must decide who he can trust and how to stop the destruction of all humanity. Will he and his friends stop the evil plot before it’s too late?

I’m a huge science fiction reader and have been since I was ten. Just when I think I’ve read all tropes, I stumble across The Split. While strictly young adult, the plot flowed so well, I got sucked into the story. Each character was fun to get to know and had depth. I loved the idea of The Space Academy and reminded me of a sci fi Hogwarts. There’s plenty of humorous dialogue and the mystery intrigued me with a few twists I didn’t see coming. A highly enjoyable read and I can’t wait to read more from Hannah Hopkins.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Hannah Hopkins is 23-year-old author, blogger and mother of one! Her first published work, "The Split" has recently been released on Amazon in E-Book and Paperback format. The second installment of the Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy series titled "The Secret Society" is due for release in 2018. Hannah's personal blog, "" has received over 3,000 hits in its first month of running and she is due to become a feature writer for a new website launched by Sheepers UK in November. Outside of writing, Hannah has a keen interest in Psychology, Philosophy and Politics and hopes to train to become a counsellor in between her other commitments. All this combined with a new baby due next month means Hannah is one very busy young woman!

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N