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March 16, 2018


It's March Madness and while we'll be glued to the television screen today through Monday, we wanted to offer you a freebie. It's our young adult paranormal super-short story and here's the blurb:


Juliet can’t wait to graduate from high school and finally move on with her life. Five more days and she’s free. She gazes out the window while her history teacher, Mrs. Johnson, drones on about war, famine and lack of water in Africa. 

A gong rings, startling Juliet out of her daydream. She looks around to see if it was one of her classmates pulling a prank when a little boy carrying a spear appears. Is he a ghost or something more? He pleads for her help and before she can argue, she is transported to a small village in Africa. History comes alive like never before and Juliet must decide how she can help Noko and his village before it’s too late. 

Thirsty for Water tells the story of Africa and the need for water in an approachable way for children of all ages. A great learning tool for teachers, parents and libraries. 




A fellow teacher said this about Thirsty for Water in her review: Noko's plight is very real. I am glad to see this kind of story that can be used in the classroom to share a very real problem.


Available at Amazon and free to read all year long on Kindle Unlimited:


Amazon US https://www.amazon.com/Thirsty-Water-Short-N-Light-ebook/dp/B00O98EL3Q 


Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Thirsty-Water-Short-N-Light-ebook/dp/B00O98EL3Q 


Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thirsty-Water-Short-N-Light-ebook/dp/B00O98EL3Q 


Amazon AUS https://www.amazon.com.au/Thirsty-Water-Short-N-Light-ebook/dp/B00O98EL3Q


Amazon France https://www.amazon.fr/Thirsty-Water-Short-N-Light-ebook/dp/B00O98EL3Q


Amazon Mexico https://www.amazon.com.mx/Thirsty-Water-Short-N-Light-ebook/dp/B00O98EL3Q


Sale runs Friday, March 16 - Tuesday, March 20 (EST)


Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!


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