Welcome to N. N. Light’s Book Heaven, the home of N. N. Light Author Promotions, a family-run PR firm that caters to busy authors. We’ve been in business since 2015 and pride ourselves on our literary matchmaking abilities.  Our followers trust our opinion and if we tell them a book is great, they will often check it out. Many readers discover new authors via word of mouth, especially quality honest book reviews and author interviews. We have the social media reach of over thirty million. We love promoting authors and this is a great way to get exposure for you and your book. Getting people talking about your book is an important step to success as an author. We will create enormous buzz about your book, offer advice and our expertise for your benefit. Before we let you know what we offer and how we operate, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.


Mrs. N is the co-author (along with Mr. N) of five books. Our combined fifty-seven-year expertise while working in the publishing industry has helped us tremendously in how to write, edit, review, market and promote books in today’s publishing market. We love helping writers achieve their dream of being a successful author.


Mr. N has always loved reading and reviewing books. Joining forces with his wife, they write together under the pen name N. N. Light and he especially loves helping other authors succeed.


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N. N. Light Author Promotions offers multi-tiered promotions, catering to busy authors with varying marketing budgets.


Tier 1: Free book/blog promotion once a week on Wednesdays entitled Book Heaven Wednesdays. It is a basic book/blog spotlight, highlighting your work. Authors will be featured each week and will be promoted heavily. We operate this as a taste of what you get with tier two.


Tier 2: Book/blog promotion and marketing for a small fee. You have the option of the following and the fee is $13.50 per service:


Author Interview

Author Spotlight (grow Bookbub and/or Amazon followers plus spotlight up to five books)

Book Spotlight (includes extended excerpt)

Audiobook Spotlight with customized graphic

Book Series Spotlight

Cover Reveal

Trailer Reveal

Guest Post (your choice of topic)

Top Ten (your choice of topic)

​Character Interview

Twitter Book Blast with Graphics (one day - 7 tweets- We’ll tweet about your book sale to our Twitter followers)

Tier 2.5: Book Review by either Mr. N or Mrs. N (depending on when you need it by, a book review ranges in price)

  • 12 Weeks $13.50

  • 8 – 10 Weeks $18.50

  • 6 Weeks $25.00

  • 4 Weeks $47.00

  • 2 Weeks $87.50

  • Rush 3 Business Days $145.00




All five-star reviews are eligible for the yearly N. N. Light Book Awards.

Book Review Policy


N. N. Light's Reviewer Rankings:

We're a verified (blue check) influencer on Amazon plus a Vine Voice Reviewer. 

Amazon US Ranking as of October 25, 2020 is 3,087 * Vine Voice *
Amazon CA Ranking as of October 25, 2020 is 877 * Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer *
Goodreads Ranking as of October 25, 2020 is #49 Best Reviewers, #32 Top Readers, #46 Top Reviewers, (updated weekly)


Tier 3: Bookstagram on Pinterest/Mix. For as little as $8, we will create a bookstagram post with a customized graphic and post it to our Pinterest account as well as our Mix account. This is an inexpensive promo to reach readers. The graphic is yours to keep.

Tier 4: Social Media Graphics, Premade Book Covers and Memes. Graphic Artist Mrs. N uses Canva for all graphics, book covers and memes.

We're thrilled to offer premade book covers to authors for a low price. Click here for more info:


  •  5 memes using royalty-free images and quotes from your books $25

  • Twitter Header $8

  • Facebook Cover $8

  • Website Banner $8

  • Tumblr Graphic $8

  • Instagram Post $8

  • YouTube Channel Art $8

  • Etsy Shop Cover $8

  • Etsy Shop Icon $8

  • Twitch Banner $8

  • LinkedIn Banner $8

  • SoundCloud Banner $8

  • Premade Book Cover $32

  • Wattpad Book Cover using Royalty-Free Images $32

  • Customized Book Cover $50 


Tier 5: Social Media/Book Marketing Advice and Virtual Assistance. Need a marketing plan, someone to come to for advice or help you with various ghostwriting projects? I can provide a solid marketing plan as well as help you with ghostwriting guest posts, interviews, tweets and/or blog posts. The fee is $40/hour.

Tier 6: Editing/Beta Reading. Finding a solid editor or beta reader is difficult. We understand and therefore offer our expertise. Editing services include manuscript review, development editing, structural editing, copy/line editing, and proofreading. Click here for more details and to read testimonials: https://www.nnlightsbookheaven.com/n-n-light-editing-services


Prices vary, depending on the word count for each editing service:

30,000 words or less -- $125
30,001 - 40,000 words -- $140
40, 001 - 50,000 words -- $175
50,001 - 60,000 words -- $200
60,001 - 70,000 words -- $225

70,001 - 80,000 words -- $250

80,001 words or more -- fill out the form below listing your genre and word count for a quote

Tier 7: Tweet Package. Tweet creation service – We’ll provide daily/weekly/monthly tweets for you on our Twitter handle.

  • One day 4 tweets $8.00

  • One day 7 tweets $13.50

  • Two days 8 tweets $12.00

  • Two days 14 tweets $22.00

  • Five days (one-week M-F) 20 tweets $25.00

  • Five days 35 tweets $34.00

  • Ten days 40 tweets $48.00

  • Ten days 70 tweets $79.00

  • 20 days (one-month M-F) 80 tweets $79.00

Tier 8: Monthly Multi-Author Events. Every month, we host a themed author event. Each author showcases their books via a spotlight and there's a giant giveaway for readers to enter. The cost is $11 USD per book and $6 USD per social media add-on. What's a social media add-on? It's where the author can gain followers on certain social media platforms the organic way by having their info added to the Rafflecopter widget. The giveaway entrant gets bonus entries for following the authors' social media accounts. It's a proven way to get new followers and we're happy to offer it to authors. We also offer two themed mini events every month. The cost is $8 USD per book. 

Promotional Packages: Save money on these packages and get more for less. Prices are as follows.


Package #1 – Short on time but heavy on buzz. $45 USD

Release Day (or any day) Spotlight

Character Interview, Guest Post or 4 Week Book Review

Two days 8 tweets package 

Bookstagram on Pinterest


Package #2 – Promote your new release or a backlist title with us. $95

Cover Reveal, Trailer Reveal, Author Interview, or Guest Post

Release Day (or any day) Spotlight

6 Week Book Review

Five days 20 tweets package 


Package #3 – A month of promoting your new release or a backlist title. $200

Release Day (or any day) Spotlight

6 Week Book Review

Guest Post relating to your book, Author Interview or Character Interview

20 days 100 tweets package 

Bookstagram on Pinterest


Book Sale Package – Promote your discounted/free book sale. $38

Book Spotlight

Twitter Book Blast with Graphics

Two days 14 tweets package

Book Sale Blitz Package -- Promote your discounted/free book sale. $23

Book Spotlight

Twitter Book Blast with Graphics 

* Customized packages available upon request. 


Manuscript Package – Get a professional report on your manuscript before you query literary agents/publishers. We will read through your manuscript and provide a detailed report to help you get published. Prices vary, depending on word count:

30,000 words or less -- $125

30,001 - 40,000 words -- $140

40, 001 - 50,000 words -- $175

50,001 - 60,000 words -- $200

60,001 - 70,000 words -- $225

70,001 - 80,000 words -- $250

80,001 words or more -- fill out the form below listing your genre and word count for a quote

All prices are in United States Dollars and we only accept Paypal. For more information, please send an email to: nnlight@nnlightsbookheaven.com or fill out the form below. 

USA Today Bestselling Author Veronica Scott

I find N. N. Light Author Promotions to be highly professional, well organized and effective at connecting my books and me with new readers. Their social media outreach on various channels has been especially impressive. A pleasure to work with! 

Author Stacy Gold

Huge thanks to N.N. Light for greatly increasing the exposure of my last two releases (So many retweets. Retweets for days! And the reviews have been posted eve-ry-where.). Mrs. N has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I’ve been telling all my author friends to do themselves a favor, and hire N.N. Light to help promote their next book.

Author Clabe Polk

My long search for well-respected reviewers from a popular and well-respected blog was richly rewarded when I contacted Mr. and Mrs. N. I couldn’t be happier with their services. The interest they’ve shown in my books is awesome and makes it easy to stay in close contact with them as I write other books.

Award-Winning and Bestselling Author Aubrey Wynne

N.N. Light Author Promotions is wonderful to work with for reviews and promotions. Their prices are reasonable, and they are flexible. More than once, I've emailed them at the last minute with a change. No problem. From reviews to tweets, they can help give your book a boost. I use them for every release.