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Testimonials from clients . . . 

LOVE N.N. Light’s Book Heaven! They are professional, their communication is excellent, and their promotions are first-rate, all at an affordable price. Their personable service and communication made me feel like I had a best friend in the marketing world (definitely my least favorite world). Next up, a book from my backlist… can’t wait to see how it does with N.N. Light! Their Facebook page is worth the visit as well! – Monica Abbott, author of The Surge


After reading through clients’ testimonials regarding N.N. Light’s Book Heaven, I feel at a loss for words. How can I express over and above what’s already been asserted about them and their services in brilliant terms numerous times already? Perhaps by sharing that after considering my costs/benefits I wanted to pay them more, they honorably refused my offer – this gracious couple actually lives by the Golden Rule! ~ Malia Arries, author of Dad Died, Then Mom


I've been a satisfied customer with N.N. Lights Book Heaven for promotion of my novels for the last couple of years, but recently I used them to copy edit one of my books and was pleased with the price and the results. ~ Dalia Dupris, Romance author


I have used almost every N N Light’s Book Heaven promotional service for all of my four books Spider Green Mystery Thriller Series, including reviews for each book. They really read the book. Many reviewers seem only to review the blurb and excerpt. And Mrs. N holds the prestigious titles of Amazon “influencer” and “Amazon Vine ™ Voice reviewer. You owe it to yourself to try N N Light’s Book Heaven for all of your publishing/promotion needs. You will not be disappointed. ~ Norm Harris, Author of the Spider Green Mystery Thriller Series


I reached out to N. N. Light's Book Heaven when my usual editor was unavailable. They were supportive, efficient, and punctual. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs editing services. ~ USA Today bestselling author Aubrey Wynne


I use N.N. Light’s editing services for my Port Sunset Mysteries series. They do copy editing and proofreading for me. They are always accommodating to my publishing schedule and finish the work on time or ahead of schedule. They do a fabulous job with both copy editing and proofreading, are communicative and pleasant to work with, and their services are very reasonably priced. If you’re looking for editing services, I highly recommend N.N. Light. ~ Donna Simonetta/Louise Stevens, Author of the Port Sunset Mysteries

Working with Mrs. N. and using N.N. Light's Book Heaven truly is a heavenly experience. This is the second time I have used their services, and I am so grateful for all the help and support I received. I am already looking forward to working with Mr. and Mrs. N. on my next project, and I joyfully sing their praises to all my fellow authors and colleagues. I highly recommend them! ~ Cheryl Ilov, author of  The Reluctant Ninja


As a debut novelist, I’m thankful to my oft-published friend Marilyn Baron for introducing me to N.N. Light’s Book Heaven. Initially, I was attracted by their wide-ranging – and cost-effective – menu of promotions, all designed to publicize my book to the largest possible audience across multiple platforms. After working with N.N. Light, however, I realize what they offer writers is far more than top-notch promo services. Mrs. N’s insightful, professional review helped me feel truly validated as an author. Even better, that priceless assurance was absolutely free. N.N. Light's Book Heaven has me on cloud nine and, with their many creative promotions, will likely keep me there for a while. – Kathy Des Jardins, author of Mama Tried

N.N. Light's Book Heaven is amazing. I’ve used several other promotional companies and N.N. Light's Book Heaven is the best by far. They promoted my new novel exactly as they said would with tweets, reviews, posts, and more. They are professional, keep you informed as to what is happening and when, and do an amazing job overall. I know I will definitely be using their services in the future and will gladly recommend them to my fellow authors. – Vicky Burkholder, Author of Lost Among the Stars

A simple thank you just doesn’t seem enough to convey my appreciation to N. N. Light’s Book Heaven. They promoted my novel as if I were their only client. From the review to the tweets (which seemed to never end) to the Instagram post (with a gorgeous graphic), I felt they really cared about telling readers about my book. I also noticed a considerable bump in my book’s rankings during this period. They were gracious and kind to work with and very supportive. And I received much more in the way of services than what I paid for. N.N. Light’s Book Heaven will be the first place I go when my next book needs promotion. Thank you. ~  Terry Newman, author of Heartquake


This site is just THE BEST! This was the best site to work with because they did everything that they said they would and even on time while at a FAIR price. It was a pleasure working with them and I GUARANTEE you if you choose them, you will be pleased just like me. I actually am looking forward to working with them again and I cannot say that about many other sites. ~ Gary Orleck, Author of Travels With Maurice

I have used N.N. Light Author Promotions promotional services several times over the last few months. Working with Mrs. N and her team has been a pleasure. I've been more than pleased with the results of my promotions and plan on participating in future promotional opportunities as well. ~Dania Voss, Int'l Bestselling and Award-Winning Romance Author

I can only say N. N. Light Author Promotions are one of the most professional and forthright people I’ve come across. They deliver what is promised as it is promised on time and are a pleasure to work with. As a sales exec, I know only too well the importance of what we all have to peddle: our time and our reputation. That said, the best way for me to show my gratitude is to recommend your marketing services to my writing colleagues, which I have gladly done. I am confident that you will gain additional clients via word of mouth….mine. ~ Susie Black, Award-Winning Author of Death by Sample Size

N.N. Light's Book Heaven Preorder Blitz and other promotional services helped me immensely in creating a successful launch for Dragons Walk Among Us. The services are professional, timely, and cost-effective. Most importantly, the promotions created positive book buzz for my debut. The highest compliment I can give is that I will happily use their services again. ~ Dan Rice, author of Dragons Walk Among Us

Succeeding as an author these days requires that a writer wear numerous hats in addition to writing the books! Marketing and publicity takes time and energy. I love working with Mrs. N. because she is savvy, creative, and provides an excellent service with measurable return on investment. From fun, engaging promotions to thorough, insightful, and honest book reviews, N.N. Light's Book Heaven always delivers! I can't imagine promoting a book without them. ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Claire Marti

I can’t say enough good things about Mr. and Mrs. N. They’ve been instrumental in helping me market my novels. They take a hands-on approach, going the extra mile to ensure my novel is exposed to as many potential readers as possible. If I have a question or concern, Mrs. N. usually responds within an hour or two, with an explanation or clarification. Their rates are extremely reasonable for the amount of exposure they provide, and my ROI is excellent. I couldn’t recommend N. N. Light’s Book Heaven enough. ~ Peter Fuller, author of the Solar Warden series.

I am so beyond happy with the copy editing services that N. N. Light provided for my upcoming young adult romance. I particularly loved how the team didn't edit out my voice and conversational tone but focused on changes that would make the narrative more clear and powerful for the reader. Also, I make a fair share of technical grammatical errors—never in my life will I learn to use an apostrophe properly—and am grateful that the team caught all of my mistakes. Would absolutely recommend their services! ~ Award-Winning Bestseller Jennifer Ann Shore

I’m impressed by Mrs. N’s professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail. The social media coverage is outstanding: well-thought-out tweets and gorgeous bookstagrams are keeping my name and book out there. It’s my first time—but definitely not my last time—with N. N. Light’s Book Heaven. Molte grazie!   ~ Author Joanne Guidoccio

N.N. Light’s Book Heaven is professional, prompt, courteous, and affordable. The reviews (so important for an author) are posted on multiple sites. The promotions always deliver exactly what is promised. They’re my first choice when I’m preparing for a new release. ~ Author Denise Carbo
N.N. Light’s Editorial Services are easy to work with and they do a fantastic job. Self-publishing a book is a stressful process, and working with them made me feel so much better—not only about the quality of my book, but about the entire process. I highly recommend them! ~ Author Jennifer Wilck
N.N. Light’s Book Heaven and Mrs. N. have delivered the most beautiful book promo graphics I could ever wish for!  I give her my basic idea for an image or two, and perhaps a quote from my book, and every time she emails me incredible, gorgeous, and quality tweets and bookstagrams.  She is also the most professional, yet personable person I’ve worked with, and if there are any tweaks needed, she does it in a timely manner.  From fun and plucky, to romantic and mystical, Mrs. N. transports my requests into fabulous promos that get me lots of attention, likes, and retweets! ~ Author S.K. Andrews
There are so many marketing/author promotion companies in business today, it was difficult for me to decide which company to choose when I was a new author. I was looking for great online exposure without breaking my small publicity budget, and I also wanted someone who'd help take my career to the next level. NN Light Author Promotions ticked every need-box I had and then some! Using their promotion services, they helped my online presence grow and helped me find new readers for my contemporary Rom Coms. I can't say enough good things about this company. If you're a new author - or even a seasoned one - you'll want them on your side when you've got a new book and you need to the get the word out about it! Professional, caring, wise, and business-smart, they're now my go-to promo company. ~ Award-Winning Author Peggy Jaeger

I am using the very talented services of N.N. Light to edit and proofread my books. After trying numerous independent editors and editing services, I've finally found an editor that is professional, detail-oriented, honest, gentle, and reasonably-priced. I couldn't be happier! ~ Kay Harris 

N.N. Light's Book Heaven offers very personal attention to author and GREAT promotion to a wide audience. All at a very reasonable rates. I've used them for years and keep coming back. ~ Award-Winning Author Judythe Morgan

Smoothing your pathway to success . . . Mrs. N helps writers access a wide range of readers and makes the process smooth and seamless. ~ Author Madeline McEwan 

I used N N Light's service about 10 days ago and got fantastic response. I have a new trilogy coming out very soon and plan on using them again. Easy to work with and reasonably priced. I’m a very satisfied author. ~ Author Lucinda Race

I love working with N.N. Light's Book Heaven! They are prompt, professional, and easy to work with.  Then email me back in a timely manner and always complete their work on time.  Their promotional materials are well put together and meme designs are always eye catching.  I know I can always depend on them to help me with my book promo needs.  Thanks for all you do N.N. Light! ~ Award-Winning Author Maria DeBlassie 

I have used N.N. Light’s editing, proofreading, reviews and promotions for all three of my series and I wouldn’t use anyone else! ~ Author Diane Moat

This has to be the best promotion service I have come across.  When I promoted my books through this service, the amount of social media coverage I received was incredible and it just kept coming weeks later.  I definitely recommend N.N. Light's services if you are looking for a promotional site, and I will be using them again very soon with my next book.~ Author RM Gilmour 

As a writer of fiction (novels, screenplays, stage plays, and poetry, I love the writing process from the first draft to the final version ready for a query. As much as I love writing that's how much I hate the marketing process starting with finding an agent/publisher and then finally marketing the end product. Yes, like most writers, the marketing process is like going to the dentist or chewing on rocks. Having said all that, I have to say that Mrs. N and Mr. N make that process manageable to a very large extent. They provide excellent services at a reasonable price. Between the two of them, they have reviewed all my published novels fairly and they have critiqued much of my thus far unpublished work, more novels and poetry, providing great insight into the problems I couldn't see. All of this for what I considered very reasonable fees and wonderful online exposure. Please check them out if you haven't already.~ Author Steve Shear

I can't say enough about Mrs. N. She's a pleasure to work with—professional and knowledgeable. Her passion for books is paramount. She takes the time to write cogent, thoughtful, honest reviews. I look forward to her upbeat, positive posts. Her soothing, fun personality is a breath of fresh air in a world often stuffed with pretension. As an introverted often frazzled writer, I feel lucky to have met her. ~ Author Charlotte O'Shay

N.N. Light's Book Heaven is a fantastic book promo company to work with. They are so supportive of authors and give very personal service. Love them! ~ Author Jennifer Wilck 

N.N. Light did an awesome one-day promotion of my free book, Owl Manor - the Dawning. On that day alone I had 1300 downloads on Amazon. I look forward to working with them again! ~ Author Zita Harrison

A friend in this vast ocean of promotion... NN Light came highly recommended from other authors, and I was excited to work with the team on promoting my recent new releases. Punctual, respectful, and friendly, I was very happy with the promotions! Would I do it again? Yes! Would I recommend their services to a fellow author - already have, and yes! A+. ~ Author Jean M. Grant

I love N.N. Light's promotions!  So fun and draws the readers!  Good place for promo. ~ Author P. L. Parker 

It's always refreshing to receive a fair and honest review and to learn about other good books on the market as well. A job well done! ~ Emily-Jane Hills Orford, award-winning author of Mrs. Murray's Ghost

 N.N. Light has been wonderful to work with over the years. The pricing is reasonable and the results have been positive. I highly recommend their services! ~ Award-Winning Author Alanna Lucas

My first promotion with N.N.Light's Book Heaven returned so many followers and likes on Twitter, BookBub and to my author website that I can't even count them all. I was amazed at the reach and response from  N.N.Light's Book Heaven's followers. I also received a wonderful review for my book, have another in the works and will be running a promo package for an upcoming new release. Through my network of authors, I've heard nothing but great things about them, and plan to use them for promos and reviews in the future.~ Author N. Christine Samuelson 

This team has reviewed and/or promoted each of my seven books. Each of these folks reads the book thoroughly, carefully and thoughtfully. Not so common during these insane days of proliferating marketing companies promising fame and fortune for a "mere two or three thousand dollar investment." Not to mention the high-end reviewers who seem to do us a favor simply by agreeing to read our book. N.N. Light is a quality promotion agency that delivers consistently excellent work for reasonable prices. I enjoy working with them and highly recommend their assistance.~ Award-Winning Author Lin Wilder

I have found  nnlightsbookheaven to be a great choice for promotions. They are easy to work with and affordable. ~ Author Linda Tillis 

I've done a number of promotions with N.N. Light Author Promotions. Each one was handled efficiently and yielded a number of new fans and newsletter subscribers. It was a pleasure working with Mrs. N.N. and there were no issues dealing with either of the promotions I participated in. I would not hesitate to be part of future promotions! ~ Author Debra L Martin aka Debra Elizabeth

N.N. Light's Author Promotions are fantastic! Inexpensive, easy to us, and I get subscribers for my newsletter or followers on my Facebook author page, depending on my instructions, in every promotion I participate! Additionally, they are quick to respond, always do a professional job, and provide marketing tools: ads already prepared for Twitter, Facebook, and more. Totally a win-win for me and the numbers of responders grows with each promotion. ~ Award-Winning Author Diana Stout

When I needed promotion I counted on NN Light Author Promotions and they came through for me. Their pricing was very reasonable and everything they promised me is exactly what I got. I thank you for the great service. ~ Author Jeannie Sharpe

The service and quality of N.N. Light's Book Heaven is excellent and I always look forward to running promotions through them. ~ Award-Winning and Bestselling Author Lincoln J. Cole

I have used N. N. Light's Book Heaven for my first two books. I plan on using her services again as soon as the kindle goes live on my newest book, written as Brigid Johnson. She's prompt in response to questions, guides you through what she will be doing to promote your book, and you can custom build a promotion package. I have received the same uptick in sales with Book Heaven as I did when I used other marketing programs that cost ten times as much.~ Amazon #1 Best Selling Author LB Johnson 2 time winner Reader's Favorite International Book Award (Silver/Gold)

N.N. Light's Book Heaven was an absolute pleasure to work with on promoting my books. They are personable, responsive, and caring. Working with them really was a bit like going to 'Book Heaven'. ~ Award-Winning and Bestselling Author Dorothy M. Wiley

N.N. Light's Book Heaven ROCKS for marketing new releases! They are at the top of my checklist every time I have a release! ~ Author Petie McCarty

N. N. Light has been an immense help in promoting my books. They're professional, punctual, and a great support to authors of every genre. I'm so grateful to have found them! ~ Author Judith Sterling 

I have been using N.N. Light's services since 2015 and each time, I am utterly amazed at the amount of traffic she brings online. A simple book review of hers is shared among Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram for days. N.N. has worked with countless authors and has a ton of book bloggers collaborating with her to ensure your book gets the most exposure available. Anyone looking for a book boost should definitely check out her services. She has a nice array of services available to fit all budgets. ~ Author Cynthia Austin 

I have been dealing with N.N. Light for several years and find them to be so very helpful and responsive to me, an author. I am sure their communication is just as helpful to other authors and well appreciated by everyone who uses it. They have been useful in promoting my books and, through them, I have noticed a good number of reviews of my books.~ Author Thomas Neviaser

I have used N. N. Light's Book Heaven to promote my books with blogs and by joining some of their promotional efforts. I find them friendly, professional, and generally good to work with. I did see results. ~ Author Linda Nightingale

N. N Light is both insightful and astute reviewers along with being wonderful supporters of authors and books. ~ Award-Winning Author Kate Murdoch

Excellent service and helpful with it. ~ Author Rick Haynes 

N.N. Light's Book Heaven is a site that should be on every author's radar...the absolute best promotion value for the dollar. This is a site truly dedicated to championing small press and indie books, and I can't recommend their services enough! ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Knight

N. N. Light's Book Heaven is heavenly to work with. Every promotion I've booked with their author promotions has been simple and effective. When I submit for a review, I know I'll get an honest and detailed review.~ Author Brenda Whiteside

I wouldn't release without N.N. Light! I have worked with N.N. Light for the release of my last 7 books. They promote on their social media and create lovely author spotlights. Their review and promotional services are reasonable, well done, and on time. They are professional and truly care about helping authors. I wouldn't release a book without them. ~ Award-Winning and Bestselling Author Aubrey Wynne 

N.N. Light is my publicity Go-To! I absolutely love working with you! You're quick, efficient, creative and I see real results! Thank you for all you do! ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Leslie Langtry

I've found the promo services from N.N. Light's Book Heaven to be both high quality and affordable, plus they are book lovers and really nice people! ~ Award-Winning Author Alina K. Field

I find N N Light's Book Heaven a fantastic place to showcase my novels. Mrs. N is always quick to respond with queries, will share my promotional material far and wide, and helps enormously with networking. I definitely recommend her services! ~ Author Catherine Green

N.N. Light's Book Heaven is wonderful to work with - extremely professional and affordable! Doing promotions with them is a breeze, and has amazing results. Even weeks or months after working with them, I was still seeing shares on social media. In fact, the results were above and beyond my expectations. I will absolutely be using them in the future! ~ RITA Nominated Author Kerry Blaisdell

The husband-and-wife promoters known as N. N. Light have demonstrated a true love of books, a desire to support authors and dedication to doing so with integrity and professionalism. It’s a huge advantage for an author to find someone who truly believes in his or her work.~ Award-Winning Author Laura Strickland

Throughout the years, I've used N.N. Light's Book Heaven promotional services for various books that I have written. All I can say is that the price is right and they deliver on their promises. I am very happy with their work on my behalf and will be using them again as soon as my new book is ready for publication.~ Author Andrew Joyce

So great working with you these past years, Mrs. N! You do a bang-up job of promoting authors. Love the many events to participate in. Keep it up! ~ Award-Winning Author M. S. Spencer

I've always found NN Light's Book Heaven to be awesome for author/book promo. Welcoming, friendly and value for money I have recommended this blog and promo service to many others.~ Fantasy Author A. L. Butcher

I've been involved in a few of N. N. Light's Book Heaven promotions and all of them have been successful in connecting me with readers. The increase in my Twitter and Facebook followers is noticeable after each promotion. Working with them has been a delight. I look forward to being part of their special promotions in the future. ~ Author Cadence Vonn

Discovering N.N. Light has been a treasure for my debut novel, Alexandria: World Class Life Story. They surged for two months and ran a very productive promotional campaign that exceeded all of my hopes. Thank you N.N. Light. I would surely recommend your services to other authors and I look forward to seeing your brand here in the USA soar to new heights.~ Author BDL

I've used N.N. Light for a promotional event. It was handled professionally and was quite successful. ~ Author Beverley Bateman 

I became a self-published author before I knew anything about marketing. I was really naïve about selling books finding myself on a learning curve that resembled Mount Everest. At an especially low point, just after my publisher succumbed to financial woes, and faced with placing three books into the market each for the third time in less than two years, I needed positive encouragement. I found that and more with Mr. and Mrs. N and N.N. Author Promotions. Accepting my work with enthusiasm, they helped promote my books in a way I had been previously unable to, at a price I could afford. Over the next couple of years, I used their promotional services on numerous occasions and plan to use more of their services. I have found them hardworking, eager to please, effective and consistently positive and encouraging. It has been a pleasure being associated with them! ~ Author Clabe Polk

It's been a pleasure using the promotion services provided by N. N. Light for my first book. All work is professional and accurate--I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I'll definitely use those services again for my next book! ~ Author Cat Dubie

My Twitter campaigns, hosted by N. N. Light's Book Heaven, have brought me a slew of new followers and more recognition for the books I write. ~ Award-Winning Author Regina Jeffers 

N. N. Light Author Promotions exceeded my expectations with their professional services. They customized a promotional package suited for my needs (and budget), and executed it with precision and creativity. Working with Mr. and Mrs. N. was a joy, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to promote their books.~ Mary Morgan ~ Award-Winning Celtic Paranormal Romance Author

N.N. Light has been fantastic in helping me with cost-effective marketing. They are professional, friendly and very good at what they do. I have no doubt I've had sales thanks to them. I highly recommend. ~ Author Vanessa Liebe

I've used N. N. Light for both promotions and reviews. I found them helpful and professional. I give them 5 Stars! ~ Author Debra Grahl

Working with N. N. Light has been nothing short of exceptional. They run fantastic promotions, have an army of followers who are wonderful about sharing posts/tweets, and Mrs. N. is always quick and helpful with questions. I wouldn't hesitate to use their service time and again, and I love following their social media sites for what's happening in the publishing world. 5/5 stars! ~ Author Laura M. Baird 

I've known the N.N. Light team for several years and have always been impressed by their professionalism, their willingness to go that extra mile, and their friendly and supportive service. I would recommend them wholeheartedly!" ~ Award-Winning Author Helena Fairfax

I've enjoyed working with N.N. Light Book Promotions. Their prices are great, which means every time you buy a service you get a nice return on your investment. They're wonderful to work with—kind and professional. I definitely recommend them to authors looking for some extra promotional opportunities.~ Award-Winning Author MK McClintock

I'm grateful to both Mrs. and Mr. NN Light for their thoughtful book reviews and encouragement, as well as dedication to promote authors and their work.~ Author Lisa Lickel

I have trusted N.N. Light to promote my books for years. Dependable, personal, informed, creative... that's what I've come to expect from Mrs. N. She has never let me down.~ Author Livia Quinn

NN Light Author Promotions delivers a mixture of enthusiastic professionalism, goodwill, and literary insight. Their promotions offer a flexible, varied, and effective package to champion a writer's work. ~ Author Judy Bruce

Working with N.N. Light over the last six months has been a fantastic experience. I finally found a company that is affordable and delivers exactly what they promise to and more. Mrs. N. is responsive to emails and incredibly helpful. N.N. Light's Book Heaven has a wonderful following and has built a community of authors and bloggers that are respected and responsive to promoting all authors in the group. If you have to choose one company to put your faith and money in, stop the search, N.N. Light is it. Love ya, Mrs. N.! ~ Author Mona Sedrak 

I've worked with N.N. Light's Book Heaven several times over the last year and every time I've found them professional, pleasant, prompt and perceptive. All the P words! They're also excellent value for money. Their tweet service is a great way to get the word out about a new release. I'd definitely recommend choosing them for any promotional plans you may have! Anna Campbell, Best-Selling Author of The Lairds Most Likely series
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