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Steamy, Swoon-Worthy Romances to Light Your Body on Fire: Dragons of the North by @RTranBooks #paran

Title: Dragons of the North

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb:

Enter a fantasy where devastatingly handsome men become dragons at will. Split into four territories, their power struggles put the women they love in danger. Its the last mistake their enemy will make. A dragon will always protect their mate. After all. when you fall in love with a myth you're guaranteed a fairy tale ending.

With 4 novellas and 5 sexy dragons in this set there's plenty of action and steamy romance. All of the stories have adult themes and are intended for adults. Book 3 is an MFM ménage. Book 1: Chased Chase Drake is the Enforcer for his Territory. He’s kept the peace for the last three years with relative ease. After a fight with a red dragon renders a human woman unconscious Chase has no choice. He has to take her home to protect her until he’s sure the trespasser is gone. Things aren’t that simple when Chase’s dragon says she’s his mate. Can Chase catch Taylor before she’s gone for good? Book 2: By Design Sebastian Hunter is sick of being on the outskirts of dragon society. He’s worked hard his whole life to acquire the wealth needed to live like a proper dragon. Another 30 years or so and he’ll be set for life. Then he can find a nice dragon to settle down with. When Sebastian has a one night stand with Brook, his dragon has other plans in mind. Will Sebastian deny his mate to climb the social ladder? Book 3: White Hot Ash Asher Drake is the lead dragon of the Northern Territory. As a young dragon, he was partnered with Hayden North to balance his dragon out. Hayden has always been a steady presence in his life making him an effective leader. Their relationship with the South is deteriorating making Asher’s job harder every day. They both agreed to marry the daughter of the Eastern Territory’s leads in order to seal a peace treaty. With the East and South united the South would back down. But when Sky walks into their life all their careful planning will mean nothing. Will Asher and Hayden risk peace for their mate? Will Sky let them throw it all away? This is an MFM ménage Book 4: Stronger Together Dr. Lucas Meyers gave up on finding a mate. After a bad break up with a witch, he was sure he was destined to be alone. That was fine by him. Lucas threw himself into his work at the hospital instead. When he goes home after a long shift and finds his new roommate Jade he’s forced to re-evaluate a few things. Is Jade really his mate or is she another woman waiting to break his heart?

My Review:

There’s nothing sexier than a dragon shifter and in this steamy box set, Rebecca Tran introduces us to five hot unmated dragons. They’re not looking for love yet it’s exactly what they need. Steamy, swoon-worthy romances to light your body on fire.

Book 1: We meet Chase, the security enforcer of the realm. When he spots Taylor being attacked by an unknown red dragon, he swoops in to save her. Chase and Taylor are attracted to each other, yet Chase has to play it cool because she might up and leave. Chase’s dragon won’t allow it, no matter what Chase says. A good beginning to the box set.

Book 2: Sebastian has worked his whole life to be the upper echelon of dragon society. The last thing he needs is a human female to muck up his plans, even if she was an incredible one-night stand. His dragon whispers mate but he rebels. Can Brook make him see love is much better than climbing the dragon social ladder? I found Sebastian confounding, but I loved Brook.

Book 3: Asher is king of the region. He rules with his partner, Hayden, a male too. They balance each other’s dragon and it’s a good partnership. In a move to solidify things with the South, Asher and Hayden agree to marry Skye as part of a peace treaty. But all is not as it seems and together Asher, Hayden and Skye must unleash their inner dragons for the betterment of the realm. A steamy male-female-ménage filled with twists and turns. I normally don’t read ménage but thoroughly enjoyed this one. There’s plenty of conflict but also sexual tension. The ending was superb!

Book 4: Poor Dr. Lucas, he’s through with love and finds himself swearing off women. But his new roommate makes him rethink his outlook on love and mates. Can Jade break down his walls or is he too far gone? A sweet romance between two bruised hearts. A great ending to this box set.

Favorite Story: White Hot Ash. I love the dynamics between Asher and Hayden. It’s like they’re one soul in two bodies. Skye is a fab character with untapped strength. Loved it!

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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Author Biography:

Rebecca Tran is a hybrid author and blogger with three award-winning novels. She started writing when she was sixteen as self-prescribed therapy after her father passed away and hasn’t stopped since. Rebecca is also a pharmacist, wife, and mother to two rambunctious girls and a Boston Terrier. If she ever has free time she likes combing resale shops to add to her teapot collection or quilting. Currently, she lives in her home state of Missouri.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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