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Am I #Grateful for Feeling Sick? Not so Much but I'm Thankful for My Body All the Same! #gratitu

It's official: both MR N and I are sick. It started Friday night and whether it's a cold or flu, it's buried its claws into us. For MR N, it's settled into his chest and he keeps coughing. For me, it's a head thing. I have a constant headache, my ear pain is severe and head feels like it weighs 1,000 pounds.

What do you do when you're sick?

For us, we snuggle on the love seat and watch either Spring Training baseball or college hoops.

We have to work as we can't afford to take off a few days right now. It's tougher to deal with but our bodies are tough and working overtime to conquer this illness.

Am I grateful for being sick? No, but I am incredibly thankful that we're healthy. If we weren't so healthy and in shape, we'd be flat on our backs for weeks.

That's something to be grateful for, right?

What are you grateful for this morning? Let us know so we can smile.


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