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All Your Life You’ve Fought Against a Race... Neutral Space by @Rtranbooks #bookreview #scifi #space

Title: Neutral Space

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera

Book Blurb:

Lieutenant Jackson Peterson thought he knew who the enemy was. A bitter war with the Kelsairans made it abundantly clear. When Jackson saves a Kelsairan woman from a wrecked ship, the line is suddenly blurred. The enemy isn’t what the government said they were and he can no longer blindly follow orders. A shocking discovery leads Jackson down a sinister path of intrigue that could change the fate of two races. But, both the Kelsairan and the Human governments will kill him to keep their secrets. Jackson will risk everything to stop them. Will it be enough? Or will he die in the process?

My Review:

All your life you’ve fought against a race but what happens when you rescue one and realize it was all a lie?

Jackson’s in a military prison serving his term for insubordination when a Kelsairan woman whom he rescued long ago arrives in handcuffs, accused of treason and horrific crimes. He hasn’t thought about her in years and never knew her true identity: she’s Kheda, a fierce Kelsairan warrior and the one responsible for many of his comrades’ deaths. Conflict wars within Jackson as he sifts through his morals and his military beliefs.

He concocts a plan of escape and his actions soon reap their own consequences. With nowhere to turn and on the run, will Kheda and Jackson unite the warring races or will they sacrifice themselves to stop the governments they once believed in?

A classic science fiction trope, Neutral Space brings a new spin to the space opera. Rebecca Tran excels at world-building creating a very black and white non-free-thinking society where governments war with each other and people’s lives be damned. War is hell and this point comes across clearly in Neutral Space. A tad slow in spots and could use polishing. I love the whole Star Trek TNG vibe to this book. Realistic characters in a futuristic setting. Excellent for die-hard military science fiction fans.

Favorite Character/Quote: “No, because once they find us, they will kill us.” Kheda’s voice was emotionless.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

After her father died Rebecca Tran started writing as a coping mechanism. Her self prescribed therapy soon turned into a passion. It took two college degrees and a lot of confidence to show her work to anyone. With a a lot of editing and little encouragement she published her first novel The Rashade' in January of 2017. The sequel A Guardian Falls was released this June. She is currently working on the third book in the series that she hopes to release early next year. Rebecca's novel For Their Sins is being published by Hoffman & Hoffman. It is an urban paranormal fiction. Rebecca Tran lives and works in Missouri with her husband, two young daughters and Boston terrier.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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