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RIP Stephen Hawking: A Man Who Taught the World to See Past Limitations #inspiration #motivation #We

"I hope I have helped to raise the profile of science and to show that physics is not a mystery but can be understood by ordinary people." -- Stephen Hawking

The brilliant physicist, Stephen Hawking, has passed away. He suffered from ALS and was bound to a wheelchair. While I never knew him or studied his theories, he inspired me to never let anyone tell me I couldn't do something.

You'd think his physical limitations would keep him down but it didn't. I think it was a blessing for him because it allowed his genius mind the freedom to contemplate the universe and crack scientific puzzles. He brought physics to the regular person's level and made science approachable.

In the quote above, he states his legacy and what a great legacy it is. In my opinion, he achieved much and was highly respected. He showed the world to see beyond his limitations and to reach for the stars.

No matter what you think is holding you back, whether it's physical, emotional, mentally or spiritually, don't let it. Show the Universe you're able in other ways and that you're reaching for the stars.

RIP Stephen Hawking. I wonder what you're first words in Heaven are and what you'd do first without any physical limitations.


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