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  • N. N. Light

Happiness Resides Not in Possessions but Dwells in the Soul #InternationalDayofHappiness #inspiratio

Happy International Day of Happiness! On this highly celebrated day, let's talk about where happiness lives.

Does happiness live in your wardrobe, car, jewelry, and/or house?


Is happiness the result from a large bank account?


Happiness flourishes and thrives in your soul. While possessions and wealth give the impression of happiness, it's fleeting. True happiness comes from within.

I grew up in what most would call a poor household. We barely made it above the poverty line and if it wasn't for my mum's grandparents, I would've been in rags. I swore to myself that I would make sure I took care of my needs and wants.

If only I had money, then I'd be happy...

The more money I got, though, the unhappier I became. The stress of making enough money to be comfortable took away my happiness. It wasn't until I had my aha moment that I realized wealth didn't mean a damn if I wasn't happy with myself.

Several years later, I'm content with my life. I have all my needs met and share all of life's ups and downs with my beloved. I'm incredibly blessed and thank God every day for my life. Happiness flows through my veins and I try to share that happiness with others.

See, happiness is not an adjective; it's a verb. Every day, I recognize and give thanks for what I have while committing to using every opportunity I'm given make a difference. Happiness flows from my heart outwards, just like it has for every human being since the beginning of time.

Today, while you're celebrating this uplifting day, take stock of your perspective on happiness. Dedicate today to having a positive outlook and be grateful for everything. Then watch happiness fill you.

It's as easy as that. Trust me.


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