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  • N. N. Light

Without #Humility, We're Selfish Creatures and Can't Attain Success! #inspiration #motivatio

"I believe our legacy will be defined by the accomplishments and fearless nature by which our daughters and sons take on the global challenges we face. I also wonder if perhaps the most lasting expression of one's humility lies in our ability to foster and mentor our children." -- Naveen Jain

With the way of the world and chaos running rampant, what characteristic do we teach our children is the key to success?


Many of today's most successful people and businesses incorporate humility in their lives. From Zuckerberg to Oprah, humility is paramount to their success.

Humility is nothing more than showing gratitude and deflecting the limelight from ourselves to the people around us. We are not living in a bubble and there are scores of people who help us on the way to success. Whether we're humbled by a crisis (like FB and the Cambridge nightmare) or uplifted through recognition for our achievements, gratitude for the opportunities given to us is most important.

Our society is driven by seeking the spotlight at any cost and our five minutes of fame. We live in a greedy world where selfishness rules our lives. I say, it's time to step back and cultivate humbleness.

I'm so grateful for each and every one of you who take a moment to read my thoughts. I write what's on my heart and what I'm thinking about. My emotions are here in black and white for all to see. You uplift me when I'm down and honestly, I wouldn't be here without you.

Today, humble yourself and realize it takes more than just you to be successful.


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