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Hunted: Dragons of the South (Book 1) by @RtranBooks #bookreview #paranormalromance #dragons #shifte

Title: Hunted: Dragons of the South (Book 1)

Author: Rebecca Tran

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dragons, Shifter

Book Blurb:

Hunter Silver was sent to Arizona to clean up the Southern Territory as their new Enforcer. After nearly a year on the job, things are finally falling into place. Life was ideal. That is until a starved female werewolf wanders into his life. Hunter’s dragon says mine before it ever meets Lexa. This has trouble written all over it. Can Hunter save the territory and Lexa or will he be forced to choose?

After waking up in a cage, Lexa Greene runs as far as she can before nearly collapsing from exhaustion. With her memory gone Lexa has no choice but to trust a handsome stranger. Lexa’s wolf wants Hunter before her human half ever realizes what she is. But Lexa can’t start anything until she’s pieced her life back together, or can she? Will Lexa risk it all for a chance at love or will she run again?

My Review:

Shifters, especially dragons and werewolves, know the minute they lay eyes on their mate. There’s something comforting about that idea and I, for one, am a huge lover of shifter romance. I had read Dragons of the North and was intrigued to see what Rebecca Tran had in store for Dragons of the South.

Lexa wakes up in a cage, not knowing how she got there or even what her name is. She escapes and runs as far as her lungs can carry her. Exhausted and starving, she winds up at a diner. After a bad encounter and an act of kindness by the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on, she’s in his care. When he reveals he’s a dragon and she’s a werewolf, she’s dumbstruck. Her, a werewolf? No way!

Hunter is the Southern Territory’s enforcer and he takes his job very seriously. One look at Lexa and his dragon says, “she’s our mate.” Her? She can’t remember her previous life, only her name. When her wolf takes her over and reveals Lexa’s true identity and what happened to her, a fierce protectiveness overrides Hunter’s sensible nature. As he helps Lexa adjust to life as a shifter, he knows there’s a lot more at stake. When she’s kidnapped, he’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, including turning his back on his obligations and his friends. Will he get Lexa back and make her his or will he be too late?

Wow, such a great shifter romance! Dragons, witches, werewolves, politics, romance all combine to make this a titillating story. Hunter and Lexa, while different species, bring out the best in the other. The attraction is immediate, but it takes them awhile to figure it out. The action scenes are thrilling and there’s a bit of suspense, too. Swoon-worthy sexual tension kept me turning the pages.

Highly recommend, especially if you love shifter romance! I look forward to reading more in the Dragons of the South series.

Favorite Character/Quote: Lexa. Her discovery of being a shifter and adjusting to it caused me to totally love her. She’s an honest, if not scarred, person and how she reacts to her new existence is realistic. I think if it happened it me, I’d react in the same way.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Rebecca Tran is a hybrid author and blogger with three award-winning novels. She started writing when she was sixteen as self-prescribed therapy after her father passed away and hasn’t stopped since. Rebecca is also a pharmacist, wife, and mother to two rambunctious girls and a Boston Terrier. If she ever has free time she likes combing resale shops to add to her teapot collection or quilting. Currently, she lives in her home state of Missouri.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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