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The Pitchfork Rebellion: The Du Lac Chronicles - Novella by Award-Winning Author @MaryAnneYarde #his

Title: The Pitchfork Rebellion: The Du Lac Chronicles - Novella

Author: Mary Anne Yarde

Genre: Historical Fiction, Arthurian Fiction

Book Blurb:

From the author who brought us The Du Lac Chronicles…

When the devil wanted to destroy the world he would do so with fire. Alden du Lac knew this for a fact, because the devil had come to Cerniw.

Alden may have driven the man who tortured him from his lands, but he can do nothing to drive him from his dreams.

Alden has become bitter, angry and unrecognizable to those who love him. The only person whom could possible bring him back from the brink is his younger brother Merton. But even Merton is at a loss as to what to do.

As Alden seemingly wars with himself, there is a new threat to the kingdom. A threat that nobody foresaw, or could have possibly predicted…

The adventure continues in this beautiful novella.

The Du Lac Chronicles - The Pitchfork Rebellion from Mary Anne Yarde is a new story based on Arthurian Legend and in the vein of the great historical/fantasy fiction tradition of Bernard Cornwall, C.M.Grey and Kim Headlee.

The Pitchfork Rebellion has a recommend reading age of 14+

My Review:

Alden and Annis have returned to Cerniw but it’s far from wedded bliss. Alden is drowning in his own guilt and can’t stand to look at his wife, no matter that she needs him desperately.

Nightmares haunt Alden and the demon in his dreams is Annis’ father, Wessex. Hatred for the Saxon burns in his belly and nothing helps. He abandons his pregnant wife, turning a blind eye to the animosity that his people have for his new wife.

Merton, meanwhile, knows Annis is in danger and does everything in his power to protect her. She’s very pregnant and both her and the unborn child are in jeopardy, thanks to unrest in Cerniw’s people. He tries to make Alden see the truth but Merton fails to break through the darkness. It’s only when the people revolt that Alden sees what he must do.

I’m a huge fan of this series and while this is a darker story, I loved it. Alden’s guilt, Merton’s devotion, Annis’ torment all combine to make this a captivating read. Historically accurate, realistic character development and a bridge between book one and book two (releasing Fall 2016) all combine in this well-executed novella. I’m waiting with bated breath for the next installment.

If you love historical/Arthurian fiction, pick this up! It’s only 99c/p.

Favorite Character:

Merton. He’s the shining light in this dark short story. He’s protective of Annis and takes care of her while Alden broods. He’s patient with Alden and tries to talk sense to him. He’s quickly becoming my favorite character in this series.

Favorite Quote:

“I don’t want them to follow me because they are afraid. If we do that then I am no better than Wessex.” ~ Alden

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Born in Bath, England, Mary Anne Yarde grew up in the southwest of England, surrounded and influenced by centuries of history and mythology. Glastonbury–the fabled Isle of Avalon–was a mere fifteen-minute drive from her home, and tales of King Arthur and his knights were part of her childhood.

At nineteen, Yarde married her childhood sweetheart and began a bachelor of arts in history at Cardiff University, only to have her studies interrupted by the arrival of her first child. She would later return to higher education, studying equine science at Warwickshire College. Horses and history remain two of her major passions.

Yarde keeps busy raising four children and helping run a successful family business. She has many skills but has never mastered cooking–so if you ever drop by, she (and her family) would appreciate some tasty treats or a meal out!

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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