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If You Build It, He Will Come: Sage Advice From Field of Dreams! #inspiration #baseball #dreams #Mon

"If you built it, he will come." -- Field of Dreams movie

I was watching the MLB Network yesterday and they announced it's the 29th anniversary of the release of Field of Dreams. While the movie is a top ten best baseball movies of all time, I'm not here to talk about baseball. Today, let's focus on dreams and making ours come true.

In the movie, Kevin Cosner's character is a struggling farmer. While he's out in his corn field, he hears a voice.

"If you build it, he will come."

He's not sure what it means but he knows he has to build a baseball diamond in the middle of his corn field. It's his dream and even though he's about to go bankrupt, he focuses on his dream. He works hard, faces down his fears and in the end, he reconnects with one of his childhood heroes.

We all have dreams that we're afraid to pursue. Whether it's logic, money, or fear of failure, we make excuses not to go after it. Listen to the voice inside you who says...

"If you build it (dream), he (success) will come."

I'm in a profession where the success rate is less than 5%. Being a writer is a hard gig and you have to really want it because you'll have to go through constant struggles just to break even.

Does the failure rate stop me from pursuing my dreams?

No, it gives me the fire to keep going. As a writer, I have to write because it's a part of me. I have stories to tell and nothing's going to stop me!

What dream are you wanting to pursue?

Don't delay and get started. No matter what obstacles you encounter, keep building. Listen to the voice inside, cheering you on.


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