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Manual for the Soul: A Beginner's Guide: Awaken to Your Enlightenment in Millennium 2.1 by @Jord

Title: Manual for the Soul: A Beginner's Guide: Awaken to Your Enlightenment in Millennium 2.1

Author: Jordan Finneseth

Genre: Self Improvement, Spirituality

Book Blurb:

Re-defining Enlightenment for a Rapidly Evolving World:

Practical Steps to Self-Discovery

The world as we know it is being redefined by science, technology, and worldwide connection through the Internet. With all the change this new Millennium is bringing, now is the time to redefine concepts like spirituality and enlightenment, making them more accessible to everyone as we move forward into a much more interconnected world.

In these days of unprecedented student debt, market crashes, stagnant politics, and a chaotic global economy, a new age of enlightenment is needed.

In order to change the world, we must first learn to change ourselves. Luckily this power exists within each of us, all we need to is seek it out. Help lead the way into the future by discovering your unique form of Enlightenment and harnessing your power to change the world.

•Re-define enlightenment in more modern, achievable terms.

•Unfold the manifestation that is your life to discover your Masterpiece.

•Discover your Life Purpose and learn to harness it to help change the world.

•Venture through 21 Simple exercises that help guide you to your awakening.

There’s a wave of change affecting humanity on a planetary scale. Our collective consciousness is transitioning to a higher level, and a new era of awareness, enlightenment, and magic is emerging. The time for you to awaken is now.

My Review:

Are you looking for purpose in your life and/or in need of inspiration and don’t have a clue where to start? Today’s your lucky day because this book is for you!

Manual for the Soul is simply an introductory workshop to seeking enlightenment and discovering who you are. While the author aims his audience at Millenniums like himself, I found it to be applicable to any age/generation.

What I Loved:

Each chapter is broken down into three parts: an introduction, lesson and questions to ponder. I loved the questions afterwards because it made me think about what I had just read and how I can apply it to my life.

The author writes in an easy-to-understand voice and doesn’t talk down to the reader. I found this refreshing because there are so many professionals like him out there who talk in psychological terms and it comes across as clinical. When reading Manual for the Soul, I felt like I was talking to an equal and/or a friend. Well done, Jordan.

The flow from one section to the next was natural and I found myself absorbed in what Jordan was teaching me.

I read it all in one sitting and later on, talked with MR N about this book. In fact, I found myself contemplating how I can apply it to my life while I was working and making dinner.

Each of us is a Masterpiece waiting to be unveiled and it all starts with awakening the mind and the soul. This is Jordan’s belief and mine as well. A must read!

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Like many in the Millennial generation, I pursued higher education directly after high school, obtaining a bachelors and master’s degree in clinical/counseling psychology. During that time, I was also on my own journey of self discovery which really took off when I began meditating and developing myself spiritually. I studied numerous ancient and modern traditions and texts and came to the conclusion that each path was a person who once tried to describe their Enlightenment.

After working as a therapist for a few years, I focused on healing the body and obtained an associate’s degree in Medical Massage. Since that time I’ve studied various healing traditions – physical, mental, and energetic – to become an all-around healer and Spiritual Development Coach.

After investigating the best way to help people heal from anything, I’ve determined (as stated by many people before me) that the best way to heal another is to teach them to heal themselves. Our minds, bodies, and the energy that infuses them are capable of extraordinary things, we just need to learn to harness that capability.

Manual for the Soul: A Beginner’s Guide is my introductory book of what will become a series of Manuals taking ancient, complex ideas and bringing them forward into this new millennium. My goal is simple: To give people back their spiritual power which has been veiled from their sight for too long. Collectively we hold the power to change the world, and it starts with the Awareness of this fact.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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