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When You Choose to be Authentic, Your Real Self Emerges! #inspiration #ThursdayThoughts #authenticit

Are you authentic?

When I was in my teens, I constantly worried about what people thought of me. Was I wearing the right clothes? Did I smile at the right people? Did anyone notice my clumsiness in the cafeteria? Man, it was exhausting. More times than not, I got teased and ridiculed by bullies, no matter how much I tried to be someone I wasn't.

By the time I got out into the real world, I changed my perspective. I chose to be myself and so what if people didn't like me. *shrugs* It's their loss.

Being authentic is not only better for you, it makes you stand out. We're living in a world of fake everything and who really knows whether the uber-popular stars are really as happy as they claim to be. But when you're authentic and showing your true self (flaws and all), people see you for you and it's honestly irresistible.

I choose to live my life draped in authenticity. I'm MRS N and I'm an authentic person.

Join the authentic brigade!


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