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He Doesn't Intend to Lose Her Again, Because Without Her, He's... U n d o n e by @LiviaQuinn

Title: Undone: A Sexy Romantic Adventure (Blood Opal Series #1)

Author: Livia Quinn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Undone - The setting: New Orleans and Pernambuco, Brazil. One year ago, Antiquities dealer Elektra Charpentier lost the rarest opal she'd ever almost owned, and the only man she'd ever loved.

Now he's back.

Aussie gem hunter Cass McKay spent the last year searching for Elektra's Blood Opal and a way back into her life and her heart.

Now he has it.

And he doesn't intend to lose her again, because without her, he's -- U n d o n e “Flowing with passion…wow, what a great read.”

“A hot read…what more could a reader want?” – Undone

“I could read this writer’s beautiful writing all day!” Storm Crazy Fans of Moira Rogers, Chrissy Peebles, and Liliana Hart may enjoy Undone. From the Author: As a professional musician I’ve always found the music on my Ipod especially inspiring, but this was the first time a story and a hero came to me so fully formed. I was delivering the mail, listening to the strains of Jesse Cook’s flamenco guitar in “Breathing below Surface” and Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make you Love Me if you Don’t” and there he was - Cass McKay, leaning against the wall of Elektra’s shop, all tawny and golden, that last song making his heart bleed. He was desperate to win her back, and he asked for my help. What else could I do?

Read part of my favorite scene on the Fire Opal page at

My Review:

Elektra hunts for the rarest opals around the world, so much so that she gave up the one man she’s ever loved for them. She’s tried to move on and just when she thought she’d never see him again, he appears at her doorstep.

Cass thought he and Elektra were made for each other, both adventurous souls and on the hunt for rare opals, that is until she broke his heart. But he’s found her coveted Blood Opal and he knows it’s his last chance with her. She’s even more beautiful than he remembers and after a night of passionate reunion sex, he tells her his plan to recover the Blood Opal.

Elektra is determined to go along with Cass to South America but everything is not as it seems and she vows to keep Cass from discovering the truth. Can these two lovers learn to trust in their love and each other or will the truth destroy them both?

All I can say is WOW! In the same fast-paced action as any Indiana Jones film with sizzling bedroom scenes so hot, it burned my fingers, Undone is a scintillating romance. Livia Quinn creates swoon-worthy characters with an adventurous plot that makes the time fly by. A quick read, Undone gets my vote for the one book I’d like to curl up to to stay warm.

I loved the chemistry between Elektra and Cass. They were realistic characters dealing with real issues. Cass is Australian and Livia Quinn did an outstanding with the Aussie slang, so much so that I could hear Cass’ accent while reading.

I look forward to reading more in this series (Livia leaked to me she’s writing two more books).

If you like your romance scorching hot, buy this book RIGHT NOW!

Favorite Character:

Cass. He’s a passionate man who loves one woman and will do anything it takes to be with her. In the year they were apart, he’d smell her perfume on another woman and it drove him mad with desire. He’s an Aussie (big plus), sexier than Indiana Jones and yet, sensitive. He’s every woman’s ideal man and will be the book boyfriend of the year. Trust me! *winks*

Favorite Quote:

“All the months of love and loss culminated in this one terrifying moment. She could lose him. Over a damned opal.”

My Rating: 5+ stars

Buy it now:

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Author Biography:

DC native, Livia Quinn moved to the wilds of Louisiana where the weather and culture of the region inspired her settings and her jobs as a mail carrier, salesperson, plant manager, business owner and professional singer provided fodder for her characters. She finished her first novel the summer of Katrina. On the bayou, she is protected from the snakes, alligators and bears by her husband and feisty Pomeranian, Dusty.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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