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The Path to True Love by Anton Swanepoel @Author_Anton is Perfect for Fans of #PrettyLittleLiars and

Title: The Path to True Love

Author: Anton Swanepoel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Blurb:

Love struck, Aurora decides to move to Thailand and live with her dream man, Chase. However, her haste to be with Chase puts her on an adventurous path to a different country when she takes the wrong bus.

Rick, Aurora’s ex-boss and womanizer is hell bent on having Aurora as his trophy. Unable to let her go, he decided to do whatever it takes to break Aurora and Chase up. He also needs to make sure Aurora does not find out about his dark secrets that can send him to jail. Maxine, recently divorced, takes a vacation to the resort where Chase works. Lonely and desperate, she is determined to have Chase as her vacation toy boy.

Can Chase’s love for Aurora resist Maxine’s charm and Aurora make it to Chase in time before Rick destroys their relationship?

My Review:

The path of true love is littered with obstacles and drama, especially for Aurora and Chase.

Aurora made the decision to move to another country to be with Chase for good. While making the trip, she accidentally takes the wrong bus and winds up taking a long adventure. It appears the closer she gets to being free from her ex-boss, Rick, he shows up to wreak havoc. When she discovers Maxine has her claws in Chase, Aurora’s had enough. Can she prove once and for all that she’s Chase’s woman or will it all end in disaster?

While I loved the first book, Untamed Love, I found this one to be less than original. The plot was very predictable, while the characters fell a little flat. The chemistry between Chase and Aurora didn’t have the same intensity. I did enjoy Maxine and Rick attempts to break them up. It brought some humor to an otherwise trite dramatic romance. The ideal readers of this novel are those who love Pretty Little Liars and This is Us.

My Rating: 4 stars

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Author Biography:

Adventurer and world traveler, Anton Swanepoel, hales originally from Pretoria, South Africa, but has called a number of exotic locations home. Educated as a software engineer, he worked for a large multinational company before deciding to travel the globe. Along life's journey, Anton became a skilled scuba diver and technical diving instructor, teaching for seven years while living in the Cayman Islands. His resume touts Tri-Mix instructor levels from multiple licensing agencies, and dive records over 400 feet.

Mr. Swanepoel has always loved travel and writing. In the past several years he's combined these passions, authoring and publishing a host of books, sharing secrets he's learned along the way. When he's not exploring an underwater landscape or racing a motorcycle down a stretch of highway, you'll find Anton visiting world destinations and chronicling his experiences.

Today, he is a full-time globetrotter and writer, having penned instructional guides for diving and travel, as well as a pair of fictional novels. His excursion titles are geared toward do-it-yourself travelers, who enjoy saving money and seeing the out-of-way places. His favorite destinations include, Machu Picchu, the mountains of Vietnam, and the Temples at Angkor Wat.

As a Technical Diving Instructor and Cave Diver with over seven years’ experience working in different places, including the Cayman Islands, I have come to believe that limits are what you set for yourself. I used to be afraid of water until I forced myself into a diving course, and then things just kept going and the thing I feared gave me what I dreamed of doing, travel. Having dived to over 400ft on open circuit, I realize how much of life we miss if we let fear run our life.

Sometimes, life is like a dark tunnel that feels like it is going to squeeze the life from you. However, if you just keep going, you are bound to come out the other side. I love writing, travel, diving, caves, motorcycles, and speed, but as a Reiki Master Teacher, I know you have to balance your life with love, and compassion. Be proud to stand firm in your quest for your dreams, but humble enough to ask for help in reaching them.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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