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What Do You Get When You Mix an Incubus Bite With a Vampire Bite? Life Sucks After You Die by @Cryst

Title: Life Sucks After You Die (Twice Bitten: Book One)

Author: Crystal-Rain Love

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dark Chick-Lit

Book Blurb:

What do you get when you mix an incubus bite with a vampire bite? A shitastrophe. All I wanted to do was go to a bar and drown my sorrows in some alcohol, but I had to get attacked by an incubus. Now I'm being guarded by a hunky but oh so irritating vampire (who bit me too) while the incubus stalks me.

Being guarded by the sexy vampire probably wouldn't be that bad if not for the fact my perfect boss has finally noticed me. Try dating while a vampire guards you way too closely and an incubus tracks your every move, waiting to pounce.

Then there's some creepy hunter guy who also wants to kill me.

The sun wants to kill me.

Human food wants to kill me.

Don't even get me started on my family. Life sucks after you die.


“Wow.” I turned my head to face him. “What the hell crawled up your ass?”

“A pain-in-the-ass woman I keep trying to protect even though she never appreciates it,” he answered, turning the wheel to take a hard right. “I don’t have to be here, you know. I didn’t have to save you that night. You left the bar on your own despite me telling you not to. I could have just let Selander Ryan kill you, turn you, do whatever his demon ass wanted to do!”

“So why didn’t you?”

He glanced at me. I couldn’t see what was in his eyes, but I could feel it and it packed a wallop. He didn’t answer me though, opting instead to press his foot down harder on the gas pedal. He didn’t let up until we came to a stop in my parking space outside my apartment building. The car had barely come to a stop before he was holding my door open, making a grand sweeping gesture with his arm. I’d never seen anyone turn such a gentlemanly act into something so hostile. I stepped out of the car and held my hand out for my keys. He slammed my door closed and turned to lead the way to my building, keys still in hand.

“You brought me home. I’ll be fine now,” I said, picking up my pace to keep up with him.

“I haven’t safely delivered you home yet,” he said, striding through the entrance to my building. “We have things to discuss.” He reached my apartment and unlocked the door as if he owned the place.

“Why don’t you just move in?” I asked as I crossed the threshold and he closed the door behind us. “You seem to own the keys n—”

He pulled me against his body and covered my mouth with his own, his tongue delving inside and erasing all rational thought from my mind. My back hit a wall and his hands cupped my bottom as he pressed his groin against me and I dug my fingers into his shoulders. I had no idea what was happening or why, but I did know I didn’t want whatever it was to end so I planned on holding on for dear life.

A low growl rumbled from his throat before he pulled away, his dark blue eyes smoldering, and turned away. He threw my keys across the room, where they hit the wall and bounced off, falling to the floor below. “You frustrate the hell out of me!”

I smoothed my dress and tried to collect myself as he stood behind my couch, his back to me, his hands on his hips and his head lowered. He’d crossed the room so quickly I’d barely seen him do it. “You don’t exactly give me a calm, relaxed feeling yourself.”

When he turned around, he was grinning, but it was gone in a flash. “Tell me about the calls you didn’t plan on telling me about.”

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Author Biography:

Crystal-Rain Love is a romance author specializing in paranormal, suspense, and contemporary subgenres.

Her author career began by winning a contest to be one of Sapphire Blue Publishing's debut authors in 2008. She snagged an 8-book contract with Imajinn Books that same year, going on to be published by The Wild Rose Press and eventually venturing out into indie publishing.

She resides in the South with her three children and enough pets to host a petting zoo. When she's not writing she can usually be found creating unique 3D cakes, hiking, reading, or spending way too much time on Facebook.

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