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#PromotionWithPride Proudly Presents: Queer Rock Love: A Family Memoir by Dr. Paige Schilt #PrideMon

It's Pride Month and every day, N. N. Light's Book Heaven will feature a book and an author from the LGBTQ+ community. I was browsing an online bookstore and came across this memoir. I was pulled in immediately by the title and premise. Schilt has penned an immersive and poignant memoir that everyone must read.

Title: Queer Rock Love: A Family Memoir

Author: Paige Schilt (Author)

Genre: LGBTQ, Memoir

Book Blurb:

Queer Rock Love is a deeply funny and sharp memoir that shatters the notion that queer life belongs in cities, that family is always heteronormative, that gender can ever be neatly settled, and that a good romance ends on your wedding day. Paige Schilt’s memoir deftly unpacks these and other myths of queer life to show the possibilities of self- and family-making given the limits of a world that is only allegedly “getting better.” In vivid, heartfelt, and accessible writing Schilt shows how the messiness of life interrupts the most well-argued academic concepts of gender identity, sexuality, class, disability, rural versus urban political geographies, and even our sense of time. Schilt’s book will fit well in introductory courses in Gender and Women’s Studies, Sexuality Studies, Disability Studies, and LGBT Studies.


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Author Biography:

Dr. Paige Schilt is a writer, mother, teacher, activist and band wife. Her stories have appeared on The Bilerico Project, Offbeat Families, Mutha Magazine and Brain, Child. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator at conferences, including Gender Odyssey, Contemporary Relationships, Creating Change and Texas Transgender Nondiscrimination Summit.

Paige is married to Katy Koonce, frontman for the band Butch County. They live in Austin, Texas, with their son.

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