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Overland: Welcome to Africa by @PeteMandra is the Perfect Blend of Bill Bryson and Anthony Bourdain!

Title: Overland: Welcome to Africa

Author: Pete Mandra

Genre: Fiction, Africa, Travel Writing, Travel

Book Blurb:

Through the novel Overland, you will experience Africa through the eyes of Paul DuPree, who, with his future wife at his side, quit his job to participate in an exciting, humor-filled 'overland' journey across Africa with some of the strangest fellow travelers you'll ever meet.

The wild animals? Dangerous. A canvas tent is the only thing separating you from some of Africa's most notorious beasts.

Life on the road? Rugged and rustic. You'd sell your soul for the taste of a cheeseburger.

And the break-neck speed of the South Africa to Kenya itinerary? Brutal. And be sure to bring more than one spare tire.

Paul's hypochondriac girlfriend, joining him on the trip, worries she's going to die from any number of mysterious tropical diseases. Black market deals, corruption and military convoy escorts aren't found in any guidebook he's ever read. And his tour companions, strangers from across the globe, drink, party and destroy their way from South Africa to Kenya.

The only thing keeping him going is the continent itself - rugged, mysterious, and beautiful, in a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, dangerous sort of way. Would that be enough, or would his sanity depart him long before he reach the finish line in Nairobi?

Overland is your ticket to a pain and mosquito free hilarious journey through Africa.

My Review:

Overland: Welcome to Africa is the perfect blend of Bill Bryson and Anthony Bourdain. Pete Mandra shares his epic journey across the African continent with his future wife and a band of wacky fellow travelers. Come along… just don’t forget your bug spray.

You’ll meet Pete’s girlfriend who’s a total hypochondriac and swears she has any number of rare diseases at any one time.

You’ll meet the interesting and let’s say eclectic fellow travelers Pete and his girlfriend travel with.

You’ll see the rugged terrain of Africa through the eyes of Pete and see the mystique behind this wild wilderness.

You’ll feel the fear as you camp out with Pete where a slip of fabric is all that separates you from the most vicious animals on the planet.

I’ve never been to Africa but like Pete, I’ve always been fascinated by its beauty. It’s the last wild frontier on the planet and its mythos dates back to the beginning of time. While reading Overland, I totally connected with all the emotions and experiences Pete goes through. His writing is honest, real and at times, in your face. His humor is infectious, and I found myself laughing out loud.

If you’re into adventurous travel and experiencing all that life has to offer, pick this up today. I couldn’t put it down and thanks to Pete, I’ve virtually journeyed across the African continent.

My Rating: 5+ stars

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Author Biography:

Pete Mandra began his writing career freelancing for various Chicagoland publications before settling in as a news reporter at the famed City News Bureau, where covering breaking crime news proved the perfect compliment to his dark sense of humor. After leaving City News, Pete slowly gravitated away from journalism as a career but never lost his passion for writing.

Always more of a home-body who had only left the country once for a stay in the Bahamas, Pete’s world turned upside when he met his future wife, Jessica, who shared with him her infectious spirit of travel and adventure. In short order, the two left their corporate jobs, cashed in their savings and gave up their apartment to backpack around the world, including Africa, Europe and the United States, including Alaska. Overland is his first novel.

Since then, his writing pursuits have included contributing to various popular travel-related blogs (his latest passion) and scriptwriting. His screenplays Zombie Seinfeld and Breaking Belding have both been performed by Gorilla Tango’s Skokie Theatre. Pete and his family live in the suburbs of Chicagoland.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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