You Dear, Sweet Man by Thomas Neviaser #ChristmasinJulyFete #ChristmasinJuly #paranormal #bookish #g


Author: Thomas Neviaser

Genre: Paranormal/Magical Realism

Book Blurb:

A blue-collar worker is seduced into the unsavory world of advertising by an attractive but an evil woman whose alter-ego poses as a model in a subway car ad, becomes his living fantasy, and ultimately defines his sad destiny.


In an attempt to bring his fast food company back to the heights of success it previously enjoyed, a CEO wants to change its image to include a healthy food venue.

The use of a sophisticated, beautiful, adult film model and two youthful computer nerds, specializing in holography and animation, leads to a most intriguing and ingenious advertisement that responds to vibrations of whatever vehicle on which it is attached; hence, an exciting yet subtle motion to entice viewers to concentrate on the company's message. Of course, there are antagonists who are trying to sabotage the efforts of the company, but these attempts are thwarted through the devious maneuverings of the computer wizards.