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#WednesdayWisdom: Follow These Three "S" Affirmations! #inspiration #motivation #affirmati

In need of some inspiration?

No matter what happens in your day, smile, sparkle, shine!

Smile -- Not only is it your best accessory, but when you smile, you're helping yourself feel better. Smiling is also infectious so go on and smile.

Sparkle -- You are beautiful, both inside and out. Show the world you're a star with your sparkling personality and star-like essence. Stress and dark thoughts don't stand a chance when you unleash your sparkle on the world.

Shine -- You are a Light-Bearer so let your Light shine for all to see. Let your Light destroy the stress and dark thoughts inside you. Use your Light to spread kindness, love and peace.

When you incorporate all three S's in your everyday routine, you'll feel better and the darkness will wave the white flag in defeat.


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