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How Far Will Tabitha and Milt Go to Prevent Tragedy? Undercurrents in Time (Detours in Time #2) by @

Title: Undercurrents in Time (Detours in Time #2)

Author: Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel

Book Blurb:

Time travel took Tabitha and Milt to places they could never have imagined….

Now it seems the very things that cemented their bond will also drive a wedge between them emotionally. Travel to the future, discovery of a long-lost, troubled family member, and an unplanned baby all have taken a toll. Tabitha struggles to accept her new identity as a mother while remaining a strong, independent woman. She longs for a getaway, even a short one, but that getaway puts her on a collision course with danger.

Milt is busy trying to prevent a horrible future disaster at the hands of an enemy he has not yet met. While concerned, Milt doesn’t even suspect Tabitha’s plans, the very plans that will have her facing Milt’s nemesis.

Tabitha risks it all on a brief escape. How will she handle the unforeseen dangers she faces and make her way back home? How far will Tabitha and Milt go to prevent tragedy?

My Review:

Tabitha is a new mother and is struggling to adjust to her new life. The urge to time travel is calling her, like the sirens to sailors of long ago. Instead of telling her partner, Milt, she goes off on her own. The future is an escape for her and she relishes it. Her search for adventure soon takes a deadly turn when she encounters Milt’s enemy. Will she avert disaster and make it home safe or will she have to sacrifice herself for the future?

This is my first Detour in Time book and I must say, this is a thrilling science fiction adventure! While it is mostly from Tabitha’s point of view, I liked escaping the present with her. She’s a wonderfully complicated character, so different from myself. Her reasoning and the resulting consequences make this a page turner.

I’ve always been fascinated by time travel and in Undercurrents in Time, I got to experience it first-hand. Every decision, thought and action threads the past, present and future in a woven tapestry. This theory is explored in this book. The author does a superb job using characters and plot progression to drive her point home. Brilliant!

If you’re looking for an action-packed science fiction thriller, pick up a copy today and explore the perils of time travel!

Favorite Character/Quote: Tabitha. I found her a fascinating character with differing motivators than my own. She’s accurately portrayed (new mum) and her emotions are compelling. As a woman, I kept rooting for her to explore the wild unknown.

My Rating: 5 stars

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Author Biography:

Author Pamela Schloesser Canepa is an instructor of Middle School English. She has enjoyed writing for various reasons ever since childhood, when she realized writing and making up stories would provide entertainment for long trips and keep her company. Her tendency toward fantastic stories was reflected in tales of discovering modern day dinosaurs and talking horses that would give her advice. The writing of poetry provided an outlet for private thoughts and emotions for years until she decided to self-publish fiction in 2016. Pamela's genres include science fiction, paranormal fiction, and poetry of all types. The Made for Me series is Pamela's first published fiction series. Her first full-length novel, Detours in Time, was released in the summer of 2016. Currently, Pamela is working on a spin-off from her time travel novel and developing more ideas for the character of Norrie from her Made for Me series.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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